New Play Centre Is Welcome Addition to Ecole Foyer Jeunesse 

Lynn Desrosiers, Principal of Ecole Publique Foyer Jeunesse, is shown with some her almost 300 students during the Annual School Yard Clean-Up Day which was held on Saturday, September 17. Besides the usual cleaning up of the school yard, followed by a barbecue lunch, this day was even more special since it marked the official opening of the brand new play center that was just installed in time for the school year. Shown with Ms. Desrosiers, from the top down are Maxime, Emilie, Chelsea, Britney, Jessie, Isabelle, and Daniel. Despite the fact that 120 students who would have normally attended the Ecole Publicque Foyer Jeunesse in Hanmer have been enrolled in the new facility at Ecole Publique de la Decouverte in Val Caron, Foyer Jeunesse is still the largest French Language Public School in the region.


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