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Pinecrest Public School

Pinecrest Public School

Grades 6 to 8 - Enrolment 198

School Profile

"A Proud Place To Be!"

Mission Statement

Our goal is to ensure a safe and caring environment that allows all students to achieve their academic potential, take responsibility for learning, develop positive self-esteem, and prepare for meaningful participation in an ever-changing, technological
and collaborative society.


Acting Principal - Jacques Mantha
Secretary - Carmen Leduc-Carrey
School Council Chair - Cathy Gow

Proud To Be Panthers!

Pinecrest is a vibrant community school, where students come first. We are extremely proud each year as our students participate in all aspects of school life. From basketball to Science Fair, soccer to Math Olympics, and poetry writing to Heritage Fair, our Panthers have made a fine showing competing against students from all over the Sudbury Region.

Pinecrest first opened its doors in 1929, over 75 years ago. At that time, it was a two-room school called Hanmer #2 Public School, and housed students in Grades 1 to 10. In 1967, the school was renamed Pinecrest Public School and became a senior school where we now have students in Grades 6, 7, and 8. Several additions have been constructed since the first building was erected, and Pinecrest now boasts 9 classrooms, a library, a gym, and a music room.

The success of our school can be measured in terms of the fine achievements and positive experiences enjoyed by our students. Each year, we have seen an improvement in provincial assessment results of reading, writing and mathematics. This year, our school’s EQAO results were above the provincial average.

Our students participate in a wide variety of athletic activities such as cross-country running, soccer, basketball, volleyball and track and field, to name but a few. The Pinecrest staff is committed to educating the whole student, from their intellectual development, to their physical and social well-being.

Technology is the future and our students are part of this as they explore the possibilities on 24 wireless laptops, which can be used in any classroom. Digital cameras for movie making and LCD projectors bring life to their academic program.Our instrumental music program is a key component of our educational program. Students enhance their musical potential as they practice their skills on trumpets, clarinets, saxophone, or on the ever-popular drums.

New to our school program is our drama club. Last year’s production of “Fairness in the Fifties” was a huge success and involved the hard work and dedication of over 50 participants from all three grade levels. Students, who were not actors, had an opportunity to be involved with set design, script writing, ticket sales, or a myriad of other jobs. Already the students are looking forward to the next production.

At Pinecrest Public School, our School Council is a strong supporter and ambassador for our school. As a result, we have a growing network of parent volunteers who assist in a variety of events such Book Fairs, Fall/Spring Play Days, and our snack program.

Pinecrest Public School has an outstanding staff of dedicated professionals who provide a dynamic education for all Panthers, as they endeavor to personalize the Rainbow District School Board’s motto of “Reaching Minds. Touching Hearts.”




Mayor John Rodriguez Talks To Young Performers From Pinecrest During Film Session at The Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre

Most students can find many things to do on a Sunday afternoon, but on April 15 the five Grade 8 students from Pinecrest Public School were spending time at the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre filming a class production with their teacher. Mayor of the City of Greater Sudbury John Rodriguez happened to be in the mall at the same time and took a few moments to sit and talk to the students. Mayor Rodriguez is a former Vice-Principal with the Sudbury District Catholic School Board.

The students, from the left are: Leah Aelick, Josh Fex, Alyssa Hanson, Jessie Michael, Mayor Rodrigues, and Emily Mejia.

Other members of the film crew shown in the photo above, included: Luke Blais, Eric Punkari, Mr. Scott Zoldy, Cassie Young, Donald Beaton, and Jacob Sherrington. The name of the film is "The Last Hour". Below, the group is shown in the parking lot discussing a scene from the film.

Jacob is being referred to by Mr. Zoldy as "a gifted filmaker in the making, even perhaps another James Cameron who wrote the Titanic." Jacob has assisted Mr. Zoldy in writing, producing and directing three of the films made this year.

He has also created a movie trailer without assistance for the school's feature film entitled, "Devoured". The movie trailer has been entered in the Shorties Film Festival. Jacob's goal is to attend Film School and afterwards produce and direct films.

Mr. Zoldy added, "We are currently shooting our third film entitled, "The Last Hour", written by Jacob and he is also taking the lead on this one. He has certainly inspired me this year as well as the cast of actors. Our cast of actors is awesome! Over 40 students have participated in the production of our films this year. This has been a positive outlet for many of our students here at Pinecrest.

The entire community is invited to an exciting media production, "The Red Carpet", which will be presented by the Pinecrest Public School Drama Club from May 14 to 18, 2007. Each day at 10:00 a.m. as well as at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, May 15, 2007 and Thursday, May 17, 2007 the audience will be able to view three films on the big 12 foot by 12 foot projection screen. 

The films which will be viewed include:

EVOLUTIONARY: a documentary of Confederation Secondary School's Rock Band;

DEVOURED:  a horror film about a group of students that seek refuge in a school from the living dead, ZOMBIES;

THE LAST HOUR: an action/drama about a group of friends that contend with the horror of an asteroid headed towards earth.

THE RED CARPET will be a fund-raising event for the Pinecrest Drama Club with admission of $2 per person being charged.

Two of the films are entered in the Shorties Film Festival where last year, their production of ODD BOYS OUT won first place.

"I am proud of their overall talent. It is amazing to see this caliber of work from Grade 8 students. I am surprised with their commitment to this production. They have volunteered their time after school on weekends to ensure the success of this production," explained Mr. Scott Zoldy.


  Grade 7 Students From Pinecrest 
Sing For The Telethon

Congratulations to this group of Grade 7 students from Pinecrest Public School for spending time to sing Christmas Carols at the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre. The group was raising money for the MCTV Christmas Telethon which was held on December 3 and raised a total of $250,000.
Talent Show Winners From Pinecrest Public School Earn The Right To Record Music CD 

Mr. Jacques Mantha, Principal of Pinecrest Public School in Val Therese, took five of his Grade 8 students over to Confederation Secondary School on January 16 for a very special treat. As winners of the school talent contest in December, the five students earned the chance to record their very own CD in the Confederation School Recording Studio. One copy of the finished CD will be kept at the school, and each of the students will receive their own to keep.

The three students above were waiting for their turn to go in front of the microphone. From the left with Mr. Mantha, Kristen Demore, Jacqueline Villeneuve, and Emily Mejia. 

In the photo below, Kary-Lynn Mercer and Andre Scott receive some last minute adjustments and tips from Mr. Norm McIntosh, the Music Director at Confederation.


Pinecrest is what is known as a "middle-school", with about 210 students attending Grades 6 through 8. Because of the influx of new residents and the tremendous growth in Valley East during recent years, the enrolment has been steadily increasing.

Mr. Mantha originally began his career as an educator spending ten years n Mississauga before moving to the Rainbow District School Board in 1998 where he was program leader for the Science and Math Departments at Confederation Secondary School. He spent time as a Vice-Principal at R.L. Beattie, Alexander Public School, and Val Caron Public School before coming to Pinecrest in the fall of 2006.

Mantha enjoys the opportunities that exist within the only middle-school in the district. "This type of school is common in Southern Ontario. With all of the children around the same age, there are so many things you can do in terms of extra-curricular activities and creating a positive school community for the students."

Something that has been just implemented this year is the policy of dividing the school day into three learning blocks of 100 minutes each.

"The day is divided up into three 100-minute blocks," explained Mantha. "In between the blocks are two 40-minute nutrition and activity breaks where the students have twenty minutes for snacks or lunch and then another 20 minutes for outside or inside activities. It really helps with the intra-mural program since there are two times during the day when you have enough time to work with the children."

The school day has not been extended as a result of the change. In previous years the students had a fifteen minute break in the morning and afternoon as well as 50 minutes for lunch. This 80 minutes is now done in two blocks instead of three.

"Having a full 100 minutes of learning time also allows teachers to integrate their subjects more easily," explained Mr. Mantha.


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