The Story Behind The Chelmsford Splash Pad

Original Post by Bobbie Gregory:
This is not the same article that I had first read, but it's similar and communicates the horrendous red tape that was eventually the downfall and failure of the park. I know of many other business ventures, particularly in the valley, that were shot down by our city. I believe Sudbury can do better. Can our counsellors please get their heads out of the sand and start helping to build dreams instead of creating nightmares?


Marcel Lemieux That is why a complete overhaul is necessary but not too many candidates up for election seem to care enough to make a difference,

Carol Bye Our present city councillors NEED to be replaced!

Marcel Lemieux With someone who cares and will keep costs in-line with other cities

Robert T. Kirwan It is really hard to believe that someone who just wanted to provide a great attraction to the area would be forced to jump through so many hoops in order to realize his dream. One would think that it is the objective of the city staff and councillors to block development rather than promote it.

Marcel Lemieux Well that's what it seems like doesn't it and there are dozens of other examples as we all know

Brent Donnelly Wrong end of Sudbury!!!!!

Mary-Anne Boulet I love the part about the necessity for an "illumination' study to see about the effect on traffic...a real shame that that wasn't done at the Terry Fox park (Lasalle Extensio) or Delki Dozzi park (Big Nickel Road). The lights from those parks are blinding at dusk and night. But, oh, I forgot, the city bore the cost of those projects and so didn't require 'illumination' studies. Claude did his best but as usual Sudbury had its head in the sand (to be polite). Same thing happened to the group who wanted to build a drag strip in the area and also to the group that wanted to build a true Sportsplex in Sudbury...yes, we're definitely at the wrong end of town...

Brent Donnelly Sick and tired of our councillors sitting there and just going with the flow. Remember could be a lot of new faces but that's on us!!! Let's get the big push brooms out!!!!!

Carol Bye So right Brent!

Lynn Langlois Our councillors shave been in power for too long folks. They band together and vote everything down. It's time to shake things up people and you'll have your opportunity at this fall's election.


Carol Bye People need to speak out loud and clear to the new candidates and let them know you won't be very happy if they do things the same old way. Anytime I'm in other cities I realize just how backwards the old school keeps Sudbury. They seem to think they have a God- given right to decide what we should have based on what they want or need without any accountability to us.

Dale McCarthy Disgusting!


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