Valentine’s Day Is A Good Time To Evaluate The Fitness Level Of Your Mouth

February 14 is a perfect time for you to stop and evaluate what you are doing to keep your mouth in good health. Nicole Dandeno, Denturist with Hanmer Denture Clinic, explains that this is something that everyone should do – not just people with dentures.

“We find ourselves close to other people at many times during the day. Sometimes we are close enough that we can smell the other person’s breath, and it isn’t pleasant,” explained Nicole. “That bad breath can also be coming from you. And while it is true that some bad breath is caused from the food we eat or from medical conditions, there are some things that you can do to reduce the risk of offending other people with your breath.”

Hanmer Denture Clinic provides a three step Oxyfresh Program for patients and the general public at their Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre location.  “Scrape, Brush, and Rinse is all it takes to provide long-lasting, maximum breath control and confidence. A unique formula of oxygene neutralizes odor causing germs and bacteria leaving your mouth “kissably fresh” – just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Everything you need comes in a convenient package that Nicole is holding in the photo.

The First Step in the program is to SCRAPE your tongue with the tongue scraper to eliminate odor-causing bacteria trapped in the follicles of your tongue.

The Second Step is to BRUSH your teeth with super concentrated mint flavoured tooth past. A peas size amount is all you need with this tooth paste.

The Third Step is to RINSE for one minute with oxyfresh alcohol free mouth rinse to keep your breath fresh for up to six hours.

The Oxyfresh products are available at Hanmer Denture Clinic and when you drop in either Nicole Dandeno or Doug Beswick will be happy to answer your questions. Remember, you don’t need to have dentures to be concerned about your breath. “It makes such a difference in how you approach your day when your mouth feels clean and fresh. This program is good for all ages and is safe for both dentures and natural teeth.”


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