Q- How much does it cost for a consultation?

A - There is no charge for your initial consultation at that time  an estimate will be given for your treatment.


Q – How much do dentures cost?

A -  Dentures are a rehabilitation  process. It is different for everyone.  A consultation is recommended to establish the type of treatment that is right for you.


Q – Does my insurance cover dentures?

A – Your insurance coverage is between you and your carrier.  We will gladly fill out the appropriate paper work for you and send it to your insurance company on your behalf.  


Q – Do you accept payment plans?

A- Our office policy is a deposit of 1\2 is required at the beginning of treatment and the balance is due when the denture is delivered.  You can make payments for the deposit and when 1\2  is accumulated we can begin treatment and extend the appointments so that the denture done when payment is more convenient for you.


Q – How often should I come in and have my denture looked at?

A – An annual recall exam is highly recommended.  At that visit your denture is cleaned and polished, checked for stress cracks, ear and tear and that no teeth are getting ready to pop off.  An annual oral exam is also done to check for any irregularities such as oral cancer.  There is a fee for the exam but your insurance company may reimburse the visit if it is a covered expense.


Q – How often should I get new dentures?

A – The average life of dentures is approximately 7-10 years.  Depending on wear and tear. Care and condition of gums must be factored in but generally 7 –10 years. 


Q – How often should I get a reline?

A – Tissues shrink and change over time.  If your dentures are loose it’s important to get them checked as loose dentures can cause further problems such as bone resorption.


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