City Council Has Ignored Valley East Long Enough!

There are a number of reasons why Robert Kirwan is running for the position of Councillor of Ward 6 – Hanmer and Val Therese in the November Municipal election. One of the most important reasons is because he and thousands of other residents of Valley East feel they have been ignored by City Council ever since the first day of amalgamation.

Kirwan, who is shown in the photo with Cecile Coutu discussing a referendum petition that has been started as a result of the total frustration of ratepayers, understands and supports people in Ward 6 who want to put de-amalgamation on the ballot. He is inviting anyone who picked up a petition during the meeting at Centennial Arena on April 24 to drop their completed petitions off at his office in the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre and he will give them to Cecile.

   “The City of Greater Sudbury has failed to adequately address the unique needs and issues of the people living in Valley East . Councillors were elected to represent the people who put them into office. Many people in this entire city, and not just the outlying areas, have expressed the opinion that the current system is NOT working. I for one say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! The current City Council has had six years to get their act together and they have failed. They do not deserve another chance to mess things up for another four years. That is why I am coming to the residents of Ward 6 - Hanmer & Val Therese, asking for their support in November so that I can have the opportunity to sit on City Council where I will do everything possible to bring the level of service back up to what we deserve.”

   After five and a half years of amalgamation, and just six months prior to another election, Kirwan is not surprised that Councillors are now finally admitting that municipal services, by-laws and policies should reflect the unique needs and issues facing outlying areas.

   “The majority of Councillors have publicly admitted that they are completely out of touch with the people they represent. Instead of relying upon their own knowledge of the issues of the constituents in their individual Wards, they have decided to appoint a volunteer committee to ask residents to voice their concerns and offer practical solutions to existing problems. If Councillors had been paying attention to their constituents for the past five years, there wouldn’t be any need for this committee. They would be fully aware of the issues and concerns and would have been already working on the solutions.”  

   Robert Kirwan is in touch with local residents every single day in his roles as Marketing manager of the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre, writer and columnist for The Vision Paper, and publisher of Valley East Today, an online weekly news magazine.
   “I know what the issues are in Ward 6 – Hanmer & Val Therese. People speak to me every day about their concerns. If voters elect me as their Councillor I can guarantee that City Council will make sure that our municipal services are brought back up the level of which we deserve. It is time for a change and I am confident that I have the necessary skills to make things happen on City Council. All I need is your support in November to get the chance to do it.”



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