Where It All Began....
The Kingsway

With only $30,000 to spend on cars, Ron Masciangelo knew he was taking a big chance going on his own in 1993. He opened Masciangelo Motors and began selling Pre-owned vehicles on the Kingsway in Sudbury, right beside Laking Toyota, where he had spent the previous 4 years working for Chris Laking. But Ron, who had been selling cars for dealers such as Cambrian Ford, Northwood Lincoln, Tasse Automobiles, Mazzuca Motors, Crosstown Motors and Laking Toyota, felt that it was time for him to become an independent dealer. He had a huge customer base and he knew many of those satisfied customers would support him.

And so it began with five vehicles.

In 2001, Ron began researching the alternative transportation market and was soon approached by Tomos Moped to be the Northern Ontario Dealer. You can visit the Moped Section of this web site to find out more information about this venture.

In 2004, Masciangelo Motors began selling classic vehicles. This has always been a love of Ron Masciangelo's. "I always liked old cars," claimed Ron. "That's all I worked for. My dream when I was younger was to own a 1957 Chev Belair and I made that dream come true."

In September 2005, Masciangelo Motors decided to move from their site on the Kingsway to Falconbridge Road.


Down The Road....


Hanmer Lot....


Falconbridge Road....


The new location offers his customers a much better level of service, 
besides being a whole lot safer to get in and out of the lot than trying to 
cross traffic on the busy Kingsway. The additional space was also needed 
in order to show the expanded number and variety of vehicles that have 
been brought in by Ron and Jeff.