Ron and Jeff spend a lot of time discussing trends in the automobile industry. They are committed to staying on top of new developments and they also take every opportunity to draw upon the areas of knowledge and expertise that each brings to the business. This communication has allowed them to become one of the leading Pre-Owned Vehicle Dealers in the entire north.

Masciangelo Motors 
Practices A Whole New Approach 
To The Selling of Pre-Owned Vehicles


When you ask Jeff Masciangelo, shown above in the photo, how he likes his job as a "Used Car Salesman", he very quickly points out that he has never been a "used car salesman" and has never once considered himself as a salesman.

"I don't have the personality to be a 'salesman'," Jeff commented. "I am not a hustler, and I could never sell a car to a person just so that I could make a bigger commission."

What Jeff, and his father, Ron, have become through Masciangelo Motors, are Independent Vehicle Agents for a growing number of clients who seek their services whenever they are looking for a pre-owned vehicle.


Whenever a person visits Masciangelo Motors for the first time, they are immediately impressed by the process that is followed by Jeff and Ron.

Certainly, Jeff and Ron will take you on a tour of the show room and the lot to give you an idea of the kinds of vehicles they have on site, but what they really want to do is discuss your particular situation and the kind of car or truck that you need. Once they know the type of vehicle that will suit those needs, and they get an idea of the kind of money you are willing to spend, Jeff and Ron then go to work finding you a vehicle that will meet, or most often, exceed your expectations.


Masciangelo Motors belongs to the Online Vehicle Exchange. This is a web site that allows them to take part in "live auctions" that are going on all over North America. For example, in the photo above, Jeff is logging on to the Online Vehicle Exchange Home Page where he can see all of the auctions that are scheduled for any particular day. He can see which ones are being "simulcast live" and can log on and take part in the auction right from his office. He can "bid" on cars and trucks just as if he was right there at the auction.

This means that he can "search" for a vehicle that will match your needs. Usually he will find dozens, if not hundreds of matches that have been registered for auctions. Careful investigation of the list will then allow him to determine which of the matches will be the best buys, and then he usually has one of two choices.


Part of the web site contains a 'Dealer Exchange' that runs much the same as E-Bay. Vehicles are put on the site for a total of 14 days and dealers have an opportunity to place their bids. At the end of the 14 day period, the dealer with the highest bid gets the vehicle. However, in some cases, the "Buy Now" price is reasonable and if the vehicle is exactly what Jeff or Ron are looking for, they will make an immediate purchase and have the vehicle delivered right away.


"There are great deals out there if you are willing to take the time to search for them," explained Jeff. "We only buy late model, low mileage vehicles. That way we know that our customer will be satisfied and will turn into a long-lasting 'client' who will return to us for service whenever they need a car or truck. We don't just want to make a single-sale. We want to develop a lasting relationship.

"We like to purchase our everyday cars and trucks from Ontario," added Jeff. "There are so many vehicles being auctioned off every week in Ontario that we can usually find any kind of vehicle you are looking for. The advantage of buying in Ontario is that we can get your vehicle delivered within four days or less"

Jeff explained, "We usually purchase our Classic Cars and Specialty Vehicles from the United States, so it takes a lot longer to get them here, but it's always worth the wait."


Whenever Jeff or Ron purchase a vehicle over the internet, they pay an extra surcharge to get something called a "Manheim Guarantee". This is like having your own mechanic at the auction. A complete inspection and subsequent report is provided to the dealer who then has 48 hours after delivery to return the vehicle without obligation or charge if there are any surprises.


Ron Masciangelo is still from the old school when it comes to buying vehicles, so whenever possible he will go to the auction himself if he knows there are vehicles that he is looking for. This allows him to see the car or truck himself, but it also allows him to save on delivery and stocking fees if he can drive them back instead of having to hire the auction company to deliver the vehicles.

Nevertheless, Ron is absolutely amazed at how the internet has made it so easy to come up with fantastic deals for his "clients" that would in the past been extremely difficult to find.


If you are in the market for another vehicle, Ron and Jeff invite you to stop in and talk to them. They won't try to sell you a car. But they will try to find out what you are looking for and help you decide what kind and type of vehicle will be best for your needs. They will then determine exactly what you feel you can afford to spend on a vehicle and will find you several options that may surprise you.

"We've had people come in to see us who were convinced that they wanted to buy a new car or truck. When they see what we can come up with for the same amount of money that they were willing to spend on a new vehicle, many change their mind. You can usually be driving a much better quality two or three year old vehicle with low mileage and plenty of options that will give you much more satisfaction that a newer, less expensive vehicle," concluded Jeff. "Just come in and talk to us. It certainly won't hurt, and like I said before, I am not a hustler, so don't expect me to try to sell you a car or truck that I know isn't good for you just to make a sale. We will only sell you a vehicle from Masciangelo Motors if both of us are going to be happy with the results. That is our promise."