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When It Comes To Selecting Shoes For Comfort, Laurna Explains What You Should Be Looking For

Laurna Lynn Mills - Manager of the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre location of Sole Mates Family Footwear, loves to help her customers select the right kind of shoe for their needs. One of her favourites is what she calls the "comfort shoe".

"A comfort shoe is one that you can wear to work day in and day out," Laurna explained. "The best comfort shoes have a soft, but supportive foot bed. If you are going to be on your feet all day, you need proper support."

Laurna went on to advise that ladies who are looking for comfort shoes should avoid anything that has a heel that is more than one and a half inches in order to give your back the support it needs.

Leather shoes are also recommended over man-made products. "Leather shoes conform better to the shape of your feet. It's like when you buy leather skates. They shape to your feet very quickly. So too with leather shoes," Laurna stated. "Leather also breathes very well and absorbs perspiration so that you don't need to worry as much about odor eaters."

Leather shoes are also more "orthotic-friendly" than man-made products such as vinyl. And since most leather shoes come with a removable insole, orthotics fit well.

As for price, Laurna pointed out that  women should expect to pay anywhere from $69 to $130 for a decent pair of comfort shoes. For men, the price range is from $79 to $180. However, she explained that a good pair of leather comfort shoes will last up to three times longer than a less expensive man-made product, so while the price you pay may be more at the beginning, it pays off in the long run.

No matter where you shop for your shoes, it is always good advice to ask questions and make sure that your shoes feel "comfortable" as soon as you put them on. You are going to be in your shoes a long time each day, and there is nothing worse than having sore feet at the end of the day.

If you have any questions about this article, feel free to contact Laurna at 969-7549.


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