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 Cowboy Boots Are Not Just For Show

Laurna Lynn Mills, Manager of the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre location of Sole Mates Family Footwear, took time from one of her busy days to explain a few interesting things about cowboy boots.

“Cowboy boots are very much in fashion this year,” explained Laurna. “Canada West is our primary supplier of western-inspired footwear, and this year their catalogue is filled with some exciting styles and colours.”

Laurna explained that many people are discovering that cowboy boots are the best footwear for dancing. “The sole is slippery, but the heel is made of rubber. So when you dance, you slide on the ball of your foot and use your heel to stop. They are absolutely the best type of boot for dancing.”

Indeed, to the naked eye, cowboy boots may at first appear to be rather slippery and hard to walk in, but the construction makes them one of the most comfortable and versatile types of footwear around.

“We still get a lot of riders buying our boots for durability they get from the top quality leather. The leather is good for use in stirrups and also for everyday chores around the farm,” Laurna commented.

“There are so many different styles to choose from, and each of them are for specific uses. When a customer comes into the store, we take some time to find out what they want to use it for so that we can recommend the right kind of boot,” explained Laurna. “For example, if a person intends to use the boot for riding a lot and working around the farm, we recommend one that has good leather on the sole as well as all around so that it stands up to the hard use. If a person just wants it for style, then we can recommend different colours and material that is more fashionable. You wouldn’t wear a bright coloured cowboy boot to work around the ranch.”

Cowboy boots also come CSA approved for safety and can range in price from $139 to $299. Most of the boots fall in the $169 range. The nice thing about cowboy boots is that they can last for years because of their high quality construction.

“Shania Twain is given a lot of credit for making cowboy boots so much more popular today,” Laurna went on. “She wears them all the time and with so many fans adoring her, they are picking up on the boot as a fashion accessory.”

Sole Mates Family Footwear also sells a wide range of accessories for the boots, such as metal toe-caps and chains.


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