As a communications consultant specializing in personal, corporate, and public sector education, training & career development, I am pleased to provide consulting services to businesses, professionals, and public sector institutions in the following two main areas:

STAFF TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT: I will work with management to create an effective professional development and training program that will enable all of your employees to keep up-to-date with advances in your industry and enable them to improve their skill levels, thereby improving overall productivity.

PUBLIC RELATIONS: I will develop and implement a variety of strategies which will help you create a public education program that will effectively utilize print, video, radio and the internet to create an enhanced level of public awareness of your goods and/or services. This will be created in a manner which will be seen by the general public to be educational in nature and which will enable them to benefit in some way in their personal development. In other words, besides promoting your goods and services, it will be "educational" as well.

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NOTES: What follows next are just a few links to video presentations that I thought you might find interesting if you are looking for some insight into the trends that are affecting careers today.


Collaboration, Participatory Media and Collective Action And How Wikipedia is Really An Outgrowth of our Natural Human Instinct To Work As A Group

A Presentation by Howard Rheingold


How The Internet Has Changed How We Learn And What We Know

A presentation by Dr. David Weinberger


Grown Up Digital author, Don Tapscott Explains How The Internet Has Changed The Way People Learn

A Presentation by Don Tapscott


What Adults Can Learn From Kids

A Presentation by Adora Svitak



A Presentation by Arthur Benjamin 


Making Math Education Relevant in the Digital Age

A Presentation by Arthur Benhamin 


How The Net Generation Is Changing The World

A Presentation by Don Tapscott


How to pursue our dreams and see the opportunities in life's setbacks -- including death itself.

A Presentation by Steve Jobs


True Success And How To Pursue The Best In Ourselves

A Presentation


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