“The World’s Largest Water Treatment Manufacturer”

To say that Denis Portelance, shown on the right in the above photo, has roots in Valley East is an understatement. The Portelance family first settled in this region in the late 1800’s, so when Denis says that he is willing to stake his reputation on something, he means it. In 1994, Denis and his wife, Louise, opened a plumbing business called Action Drainflow. Shortly thereafter, he discovered that many of his customers were in need of treatments for improving their water systems. Therefore, Denis went back to school in Cambridge where he was certified as a water treatment professional and subsequently became a dealer for Ecowater Canada in 1997. Today, Denis and Louise provide water products and systems to Sudbury area customers from their conveniently located site on Main Street in Val Caron. According to Denis, “I am firmly convinced that the reverse-osmosis process we use gives you the best drinking water there is. It doesn’t just remove chlorine from tap water – it actually purifies the water.” Ecowater can be purchased from a large number of outlets throughout the region in 5 gallon jugs for anywhere from $5.99 and up. But shortly after opening, Denis decided to set up a U-Fill Station in his store in order to provide regular customers with another option. Robert Kirwan, shown in the photo with Denis, was one of the first people in the area to embrace the U-Fill option. Instead of paying the $5.99 or more retail price for a 5 gallon jug, Kirwan simply brings his empty jug to Ecowater and fills it himself for only $3.00. “It’s a very easy procedure,” claimed Kirwan. “I have four jugs at home. When three of them are empty, I come to Ecowater, take less than 10 minutes to clean and fill all three of them for $9.00 and then return home with enough water to last me for a couple of weeks. If I bought them at a store, it would cost me twice as much.” Denis has found that besides price, there is another big reason why many people keep returning to the U-Fill Station. “You just never know today,” explained Portelance. “At least if you bring your own jug and clean it yourself with our food-grade peroxide, you know that the jug is clean and fit for your use. I’ve seen jugs where people have stored gasoline or other chemicals and then return them to the store where they are filled up again and sold to customers. I’ve actually tasted the gasoline in water that was supposed to be pure. By filling up your own jug, you know that it is clean.” Some people also come in with their own jugs instead of the standard 5 gallon jugs provided by Ecowater. These can be filled up for only 19 cents a litre. Denis continues to offer specialized sales and service in the area of water pumps, well points and water treatment systems for both residential and commercial use, but he is especially pleased to know that thousands of local residents are enjoying the pure, healthy water that comes from the taps at Ecowater. The store is open Monday to Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. ; Thursday and Friday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. ; and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.


1672 Main St. , Val Caron

(705) 897-4443


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