Opening of Rexall’s New Concept Store Is Another Positive Sign For Valley East

  Mayor David Courtemanche was on hand to officially open the new concept Rexall Drug Store in Val Caron on Friday, December 2, 2005 . Canada ’s largest pharmacy retailer, Katz Group Canada Ltd, has demonstrated extreme confidence in the potential of the community of Valley East through its investment in building the 11,000 square foot facility beside the Val Est Mall. The new site is triple the size of the store it replaced just down the street. It has 12 full time and 8 part time employees.


  The Val Caron Rexall Drug Store is Katz Group Canada’s second new concept store to open in the City of Greater Sudbury , and  the 42nd new concept store to open in Canada since its introduction in 2004. Herbies, on Barrydowne Road was the 2nd new concept store in the country when it was reformatted and rebranded as Rexall Pharma Plus.

   “The new concept format is already a success in Sudbury and we are very proud to once again open a new concept store in the community,” said Warren Jeffery, Executive Vice-President, Katz Group Canada Ltd. “Our focus is the health care of our patients and customers. This is what drives our organization and why the expansion of our new modern design is such an important initiative for Katz Group.”

   Jeffery went on to say, “A lot of work and research goes into investing in a community with our new concept campaign. We feel that Valley East is a great growth opportunity. Our research, coupled with the fact that the former store was finding it difficult to keep up with the increasing demand, gave us proof that this particular community could support a major new pharmacy.”

   Mayor David Courtemanche welcomed the representatives of Katz Group Canada, and confirmed that they had indeed made a good choice when they selected Valley East as a place to establish their second new concept store in Sudbury . “Just look around at the new subdivisions going up and the business expansion that is taking place in this community. Valley East is one of the fastest growing segments of the city. We all appreciate your investment in this growth.”

   Indeed, Valley East is experiencing one of the most rapid expansion periods in its 100 plus years of existence. When the Hart Department Store was established at the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre, it demonstrated that Valley East is recognized as a place with a great deal of potential. The Val Caron Rexall Drug Store is another vote of confidence that has been cast by a significant Canadian retailer. Several other major announcements are expected to be made soon about developments which will begin in the New Year that will continue to demonstrate that Valley East is indeed “A Place To Grow”.

Marianne Ballagh, Front Shop Manager, prepares to cut the cake to open the social festivities on Opening Day. With her are Julie Olivier, Store Manager and Pharmacist, as well as Warren Jeffery, Executive Vice President, Operations, Katz Group Canada Ltd.

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