Based on an article in the Sudbury Star on August 13, 2014.
Three Year Forecast

Editorial by Robert Kirwan

The stone has been cast already with respect to the budget for 2015 and candidates running for City Council in October had better be prepared to defend the maintenance of existing service levels for their constituents when confronted with choices after the election. This is where passion hits a brick wall when it comes to the selection of your representative on City Council. No one is going to tolerate tax increases of almost 12% over the next three years so you need representatives who have the experience and knowledge necessary to come up with viable alternatives and ask the right questions. This is an election where you need to elect the candidates who will be able to get the job done with real practical solutions to the challenges that have been presented by staff.

We have already seen one of the answers to balancing the budget in the Valley when staff recommended increasing the rates at the Howard Armstrong Recreation Centre by double or triple what they are now. We have seen what has been happening to the rates for ice time at our arenas. We have seen what is happening with water rates. The list goes on and unless this trend stops we are not only going to have to be concerned about attracting new people to the area, we are going to have to be concerned with "keeping" existing residents in the area.

City Councillors elected to office on October 27 must hold the line and force the staff to come up with policies and procedures that will keep taxes from increasing and make sure that user fee rates do not become a barrier for residents who depend on municipal services.

This practice of issuing a gloomy forecast and then receiving accolades several months later when efficiencies can be found must stop. It is such an old strategy. Give people the worst case scenario and then when you lessen the pain everyone will be happy. In the article that appears in the Sudbury Star, even the current Mayor doesn't seem very concerned because this is the same thing every year where the projections come in high and then when the budget is passed savings are found to keep the increase less than expected. The election is now less than 11 weeks away. It's time for residents to start doing their homework and find out about the candidates in their Ward.

Marcel Lemieux Another crock of bull that will never stop the rates will still keep going up and up and up whatever the predicitons are and no matter who is on Council. I'm so fed up with these tax increases and user fees hikes when will the slaries and pensions be raised to the same level NEVER!!!

Dale McCarthy It's the same tactic Facebook uses when they invade your privacy. They go so far that people complain and then they pull back and people are satisfied again, yet they only pull back so far and not to originally where they started.

Robert T. Kirwan Exactly, Dale. We need to put an end to this tactic. The best way is to make sure that we have people with enough knowledge about the situation that they can put their hands up and say, "ENOUGH.". Come back with something that is real or don't come back.

Gilles Gaudet Here's a question. Why are most of the City trucks big Dodge with Hemis? Wouldn't it make sense to have smaller trucks with smaller engines? It would save on fuel, it's not as if they haul anything with them. Just my idea on how the City can save money and not gouge us...



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