Helping People From Valley East & Capreol Find Jobs Must Be A Top Priority

Robert Kirwan
Valley East Today


The Social Services Department of the City of Greater Sudbury is trying to make it easier for Ontario Works recipients in outlying communities to have access to job searching tools by offering employment counseling, resume writing skills, job search strategies and other resources through the Citizen Service Centres within those towns. In addition, an updated posting of available jobs will also be available.

This means that hundreds of people on social assistance will no longer have to make the trip to the resource center at Tom Davies Square to access these important employment services.

Harold Duff, Director of Social Services explained, “We have a binder set out that will tell you what jobs are available and we will try to match the skill sets of our clients with the jobs that are available. We have already identified the clients that we have in each of the communities and we have counselors that go out and do the service levels that are required.”

“We are going to go where the community needs us and where the clients need us the most,” Duff said. “We are just spreading our resources out to the entire community, instead of keeping them in the Sudbury core.”

Duff is hopeful that the program will be successful in helping to identify and eliminate barriers to job hunting, skills training and knowing where the jobs are. This in turn will help get some of the clients off Ontario Works.



            The new Employment Services project undertaken by Valley East Today is also designed to help people find jobs in the Sudbury area. Hollie Robitaille, shown in the photo on the left, and Andrea Kennedy, on the right, are two Public Relations Students from Cambrian College who are helping to develop the program under the direction of Robert Kirwan, Publisher of Valley East Today.

            “It is all very well and fine to help people prepare resumes and learn how to use the computer and other resources to search out job postings,” explained Kirwan. “But when over 85% of all job vacancies are never formally posted, even the most skilled job hunting person will have difficulty finding out about them.”

            The Valley East Today Employment Services is designed to help match employers and employees in two ways.

            First, there is a separate section which will allow employers to post current and/or upcoming vacancies so that people who are interested may send in their resumes. This is the traditional method of finding work.

            Secondly, and perhaps what could become the most interesting section of the site, there is a place where people LOOKING for work can post pertinent information about themselves for employers. Each person looking for work will be allowed to tell employers a little bit about their background and experience, as well as being able to tell what they would prefer in terms of employment. When employers look through the list of potential employees, they need only send off an email to the prospect and request a resume or an interview.

            “In order to uncover the jobs of the ‘Hidden Job Market’, people must develop very extensive network skills. Unfortunately, many young people, as well as a lot of the older job hunters, do not have the kind of network that will help them discover the good jobs that are hidden.” Kirwan went on. “When I speak to secondary school students about their “Personal Career Plan”, many of them tell me that they spend their time volunteering to do activities that are fun and enjoyable. Most of them cannot identify any of the people they worked with or how the time invested during the volunteer sessions will get them closer to their career goals. They must expand their network of contacts in the right areas in order to find the job that they want.”

            In addition, Kirwan points out that it is crucial that anyone looking for employment to make every effort to register with any and all service programs such as the one being offered by the Department of Social Services and by Valley East Today.


            You can register with the Valley East Today Employment Service over the internet or by dropping by their office in the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre and filling out a registration form. Being on the list is no guarantee that you will find a job, but it certainly won’t hurt.

   Job creation for residents of Valley East and Capreol is expected to be a major issue in the upcoming Municipal Election. Residents of these communities need some help through a well defined economic development plan supported by the City of Greater Sudbury. Valley East has a well serviced industrial park and has a number of expanding retail centers. More companies need to be encouraged to establish in Valley East. This may mean that the City will have come up with some incentives to encourage location in the Valley area. Candidates should be asked to outline their plans for stimulating economic development in both Valley East and Capreol.



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