Hollie was born on March 24, 1984.

She lives in Hanmer with her parents and younger sister. She also has two older sisters who are no longer living at home.

She enjoys spending time on the computer finding interesting web sites and reading information on a wide variety of topics.

Hollie loves music.




Hollie began the 3 year Public Relations Program at Cambrian College in the fall of 2005 and will graduate in the spring of 2008. 

Prior to that she studied for one year in the General Arts & Science program at Cambrian. 

She is a graduate of Confederation Secondary School in Val Caron and attended St. Anne School in Hanmer for her entire elementary school years.



Andrea spent two years working as an employee at the Acrobat Results Marketing Call Centre in Capreol. She works part-time during the winter and full-time during the summer months.

While attending high school, Hollie was responsible for taking care of three children from 6 to 13 years of age who were emotionally challenged. She did this every day after school and also took on other babysitting jobs for individual families.

She also volunteered with the Shooting Star Day Care Centre in Hanmer.

While at Cambrian College, Hollie has worked with the committee that organized "Cambrian Day", an event that was instituted to help introduce secondary school students to the campus. She also helped organize a special "Meet and Greet" social event where business students from the college were given an opportunity to network with students from other programs.



Through her work in the Call Centre, mainly responsible for "outgoing" calls, Hollie has developed the ability to present herself in a very professional manner when communicating with the general public. Her work also required Hollie to deal with other business owners and managers, so she is well aware of their needs when it comes to communication.

She is able to explain herself clearly and quickly over the phone or in person.

Hollie enjoys working with and around other people. She is especially good with children

Because she has been working part-time and attending school since the age of 16, Hollie has developed excellent time management skills and can handle several responsibilities at once.

She believes in the importance of being punctual as well as organized and demonstrates this in her day-to-day activities.

Hollie is very proficient with the computer and enjoys working with the internet. 

She knows how to follow company procedures and policies. Her reading skills are very well developed, so she is able to quickly understand company manuals and directives.



bulletHollie is looking to get a position in the Public Relations department with a public or private sector organization once she graduates in the spring of 2008.
bulletIn the meantime, she would like a part-time job during the school year. She would like a job where she is working directly with the public so that she can use some of her Public Relations training and skills.
bulletShe is available weekdays after 4 p.m. and on Saturdays and Sundays. She is also available for full time work from mid-April until September.
bulletHollie would like to find work in Valley East or Capreol, but she is willing to work anywhere in the City of Greater Sudbury.


Hollie can be contacted through the following email address:


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