Andrea Kennedy, on the left, and Hollie Robitaille, have been good friends since they began high school together at Confederation Secondary School . The 21-year old young women are now in the 3-year Public Relations Program at Cambrian College

Because the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre has been so involved with helping out community groups and organizations, they approached Robert Kirwan, Public Relations Director for the Mall with a request to volunteer to help out in any way possible in order to gain some practical experience in the field of marketing and public relations that will help them launch their own career upon graduation. 

One thing lead to another and what has resulted is a project that may have a far-reaching impact upon the future of Valley East and Capreol. 

Andrea and Hollie have discovered that one of the most difficult things about getting started in any career is finding a company that is in need of employees. And most post-secondary school students as well as recent graduates and even young adults, really don’t know where to turn to get started. 


You can look in the newspapers and check the internet for advertisements, but  studies have shown that almost 80% of all job vacancies are never posted. They are filled by referrals or because someone knows someone. It is becoming clear that when it comes tojob opportunities, support staff, administrative assistant, clerk getting your big break in finding a meaningful job, it is more about “who you know” than “what you know”. 

Therefore, under the supervision of Robert Kirwan, a local Marketing and Public Relations specialist, these two Cambrian College students helped develop a special employment services project that will help people living in Valley East actually have a better chance of finding employment.

Our goal is to list all of the businesses in Valley East and Capreol as part of an ONLINE DIRECTORY of businesses which will be posted as part of the community web site at www.valleyeasttoday.ca.. The businesses will be encouraged to post job vacancies on the site whenever they have vacancies. 

Go to fullsize image This online job posting will allow people from Valley East with a chance to learn about full and part-time jobs that may be available close to home. It will especially be useful as we get into the summer job season for students. Summer jobs are very hard to find for most young people who depend on the earnings during the summer months to help pay for their post-secondary education.  Local businesses will be urged to do whatever they can to create openings for local residents.

By far, the most exciting part of the project will be helping local residents who would like to find full or part-time jobs. Anyone who is interested in finding work in Valley East and/or Sudbury , will be able to register a brief description of the type of job that they are seeking as well as their availability. This information will be posted on the community web site, www.valleyeasttoday.ca where business owners from around the region will be encouraged to hire from the “talent pool” that has been assembled. It will also be promoted on the Valley East Today Weekly Electronic Newsletter and on the Community Bulletin Boards in the mall.



If you are interested in finding a full- or part-time job in Valley East , simply go online where you will find all of the directions you need to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. In time, this assembly of talented individuals looking for work will become the first place businesses will turn when they need to fill vacancies. Here they will find people who have the skills they need and who are available to meet the requirements of the job. It will also be a place where post-secondary school students can begin to look for that all-important first placement. Now is the time for you to get back into the work place. Check it out!


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