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I want to thank all readers who have taken time to respond to articles and features that are part of Valley East Today. 

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Robert Kirwan
Valley East Today Community Web Site


Dear Mr. Kirwan,
I want to thank you for your sincere and meaningful "Food for Thought" editorials.  I share them with my family and friends by using them as my "signing off" remark at the end of emails.  Personally, they help "remind" me to be Grateful!  Without making a conscious effort to be Grateful for everyone, every"thing", including all those very hard, hard lessons I have had to learn, I know I would just not be "truly" living!   Thank you again for the wonderful "reminders"....
Cheers, Patricia
"An Excellent Life Is Nothing More Than The Sum Of Many Excellent Moments"
Publisher's Reply:

Thank you for your kind comments, Patricia. I am glad that I have been able to help in some small way to remind you that you, as well as everyone you come in contact with, has a lot to be grateful for in this life. We may not always understand why we are challenged in so many ways as we go through our day-to-day activities, but each challenge makes us that much stronger individuals.


WE enjoy reading your articles that are published. They have been inspiring and encouraging. 

This Christmas we are wondering if you know why Jesus came to earth. 

To bring love, and hope. But this love came in the form of Him being God's only Son, to die on that cross so we might have a way into Heaven. He was sent and died as our Saviour. Only through His shed blood are we able to come before the throne of God. He took upon himself all of our sins. What were and what will ever be. Now we have a mediator. We must ask Jesus to live inside of us and to make Him Lord of our life. There is no other way to enter into Heaven. The Bible say's that the only way to the father is through His son Jesus. It also say's that in order to be saved "We must confess with our mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in our hearts that God has raised Him from the dead. 

That sir is what Christmas is all about.. 

Thank you for your time. 

Have a blessed CHRISTmas..

Susan Daoust
Publisher's Reply:

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, Susan. We hope that you, too, have a very happy and blessed Christmas.

Hello Robert,

Thanks for the newsletter!  Some of the links are not working, could just be
the computer I'm using.

If I may make some suggestions, maybe adding some pictures or logos would be
more attractive, and have it set up in a pamphlet style would make it easier
to read.  Great information!


Christie Houle

Publisher’s Reply:

Thank you for you comments, Christie.

We will certainly check up on the links.

As for the pictures and logos, we decided to avoid those since many
computers read graphics differently. Also, we wanted to make sure that all
of the people recieving this newsletter felt safe and secure about viruses,
attachments, etc. I know it could look a bit better, but since everything is
included on the main web site in a sort of "magazine" style
(www.valleyeasttoday.ca), we just decided to keep it simple.

The main web site is going to be quite massive, but hopefully, it will
contain everything that you would ever want to find out about Valley East
and people will simply go to the web site when they have a need or just wish
to browse.

Thanks again for your interest. Please feel free to send in some of your own comments and articles in the future.

Just wanted to drop a line and say how I am enjoying this website.

I especially like to read the articles in the special features section.  Having moved away from Hanmer in 1987, I now live in Texas and still long for news from friends and family and the Valley East community.  This is a great website to get local news and hope that it will be maintained going forward.

Best Regards,

Chantal Pellerin (nee Cyr)

Publisher’s Reply:

thank you very much for your comments.

We certainly intend to continue to bring you this newsletter in the future.

The following letter was in response to the article below:
The Root of All Problems In Minor Hockey Today? Coaches Are Too Well Trained!

I was brought up in Scotland where, like kids with hockey, we played for hours at a time always with different teams. We never really knew the score. I never learned to skate but, due to a lack of coaches in the Jane/Finch area in North York , I became a hockey coach. The kids and parents knew that I could not skate but, funnily, I was accepted as a coach. I taught the kids how to do their best, how to be in the right place at the right time and the true meaning of "TEAM". Everyone had equal ice time and everyone got along well. Why? They were appreciated for who they were and for their efforts. Throughout my coaching career, I coached 5 year olds up to 21 year olds. They may have started the season off at the bottom, but always rose to the top. I learned what drills to have them complete and encouraged their individual abilities. It is the kids that make the TEAM not the coach. Is not a coach someone who guides and encourages? The kids had pride in their accomplishments. They may not have made the NHL but they had "FUN". By the way, I would not be able to coach today because I could not be "Certified" but for 15 years no one cared about the piece of paper. It was what was in your heart that counted.

Because you cannot do it yourself does not mean that you cannot encourage another to do it. No matter where the help is needed, go out and volunteer. You may fall on the ice a few times but have fun and the kids will too. The kids need your support and encouragement, not your expertise or "Know It All" attitude. I just feel that we are looking for too much perfection in the kids today. Lets get back to basics.

Best wishes

Rod Harte

Publisher’s Reply:

Thank you for your story, Rod. I couldn’t agree with you more.

Putting the newsletter in an email is a wonderful idea!!  And what perfect timing...I was going to email you anyway.  I wanted to let you know that I've been extremely busy since returning to Florida , but I did take time to write one story.  However, before sending it to you, I submitted it to Canadian Living magazine, and I just received word that it will be PUBLISHED IN THE MAY 2006 ISSUE!!!!  My first PAID published work!!!  (I'm so proud of me!)  And it's about Hanmer...but that's all I can really say for now.  So you guys will have to wait 'til May, but it should be a good boost for the Valley to be in such a spotlight!

Hope you're doing well.  Katie and I enjoyed visiting the Sudbury area, and had the opportunity to see the house I grew up in, which, apparently, Doug Hanson's parents have bought!  Small world.  I visited with my old neighbors, the Heimbeckers (you should see THEIR garden!!) and went to Chenier's store to get a chocolate popsicle. 

It was like heaven being up there, and I hope I can get back up in the next couple of years.  I just made the final payment on my vehicle, but I just started my first night in college in over ten years.  It's an accelerated, adult college ( University of Phoenix ), five-week courses, so I should be finished in 3 years instead of 4 going the traditional way.  Most of the AA degree is online, so that makes it even easier.  I was debating which major I should go for, but after hearing from Canadian Living this evening, I just might go into Journalism!!

Have a wonderful day, Bob.  And my thanks to you and all my other teachers at St. Anne for having given me such a great education!


Publisher’s Reply:

Great news, Wendy!

I can't wait to see the article in Canadian Living.

Good luck with your course. It looks as if life is treating you well.

And I really enjoyed meeting Katie. She is a doll.


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