Have you made a New Years resolution to be healthier?  Well donít forget your mouth.  People tend to neglect their teeth and gums.  Maybe because they donít think it is important, they donít have the time, or they may have other reasons.  But why?  The mouth is one of the most important parts of your body.  It is what people see when they talk to you.  It is what they see when you laugh.  Why not make it a serious priority.

Here are a few ways to keep your mouth, teeth and gums healthy and looking good.

-Floss and brush your teeth every day

-Scrape the bacteria off your tongue with a tongue scraper

-Rinse your mouth with a non alcoholic, non staining mouth rinse

-Brush and rinse your dentures after every meal

-If you wear dentures remember to still brush your gums

-Take your dentures out at night to give your gums a chance to breath

-Leave your dentures in water or soaking solution at night (do not use bleach)

-Brush your dentures with a non abrasive paste (Colgate or crest can scratch and wear your dentures)

- See your denturist regularly

Remember your mouth is what you use to express yourself, why not let a beautiful smile do the talking for you.  Treat it well.  Oxyfresh products are available at Beswick Denture Clinic to help keep your new years resolution.


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