Confederation Secondary School Students Help Fill The Shelves Of Local Food Banks


Anne Unwin, 2nd from the left, Director of the Good Neighbours Food Bank in Hanmer, and Charlie Larmondin, of the Capreol Lions, gratefully accept cheques from Stephanie Moyle, left, and Laura Cirelli, far right. The 16-year old Grade 11 students from Confederation Secondary School were presenting each of the two organizations with cheques amounting to $320. The $640 was donated from the staff of the school. This was on top of the 1257 food items that were already picked up from the school following a two-hour canvassing blitz in the communities of Valley East and Capreol on December 7. 

Stephanie and Laura are both Ministers of Public Affairs with the Student Parliament. They along with fellow Grade 11 classmate, Amanda Alcock, 2nd from the right in the photo below, spearheaded the food drive, which has been done annually for the past 24 years at the school. 

Ms Tiffany Roberts, who teaches Grade 10 and 12 English, was the Co-Chair of the initiative along with Ms. Pat Miller, a Special Education Teacher at the school.

In recognition of the volunteer work, the three girls were also awarded with special Certificates of Volunteerism from Ray Bonin, MP for Nickel Belt.

According to Larmondin, "When we lost our high school in 1996, it left a big hole in our Christmas food drive campaign. However, Confederation Secondary School immediately took up the slack and ever since then has included us in their annual drive."

Some students canvassed for food in Capreol during the blitz, thanks in large part to the free bus transportation that was provided by Northway Bus Lines for the event. The Capreol Lions will deliver 74 Christmas hampers to needy Capreol families.

Other companies that deserve special thanks for their contributions on "blitz day" include:

bulletValley Growers who donated one hundred 10 pound bags of potatoes;
bulletTim Hortons (both Val Caron and Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre locations) for providing timbits, hot chocolate and cookies to the canvassers;
bulletCanun International for providing the boxes in which to pack the food:
bulletNorthway Bus Lines for providing free bus transportation for the canvassers.

Amand Alcock commented, "It is sad to see that this is needed, but it is nice to see that people in the community were so generous."

According to Laura Cirelli, "I was surprised at how much time was involved in organizing this food drive, but it was worth it because we were so successful."

For Stephanie, it was a very rewarding experience. "Everyone worked hard and it all came together. It was very satisfying to see the results."

Ms Roberts and Ms. Miller were very proud of the students for their efforts to make Christmas a little bit better for so many people. However, everyone involved agreed that more must be done by the community to address the underlying problem of poverty that inflicts so many people in our society today. Canada is a land of abundance, so it is not acceptable that so many people have come to depend on food banks for sustenance. 

Once again, however, the students of Confederation Secondary School have come forward when needed and it was much appreciated by Ann Unwin and Charlie Larmondin as well as the people they represent.


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