Nicole Brunet Personally Delivers Prizes To Winners

Nicole Brunet D.D., an associate with Doug Beswick Denture Clinic at the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre, is shown with Judy Rietz, winner of the Gingerbread Train that was first prize in a special Customer Appreciation Draw held by the clinic just prior to Christmas 2005. 

This was a special way of wishing all of the residents of Valley East and Capreol the very best of the season. Visitors to the mall were invited to drop in and fill out a free ballot on a chance to win one of two Gingerbread Displays.

The material for the Gingerbread delights were donated by Carol Dandeno, who, together with the help of Nicole Brunet, D.D., made the creation come to life.

The first prize Gingerbread Train was won by Judy Rietz of Hanmer, and the second prize Gingerbread House was won by Ms J. McCue of Val Caron, shown in the photo below.


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