Claude Gravelle & Eli Martel Hit The Campaign Trail In Valley East

January 23, 2006 may seem like a long time from now, but candidates for the Nickel Belt Riding realize the big day will be here before we know it. Claude Gravelle, on the left, is running as the federal NDP candidate in Nickel Belt. He and Eli Martel, a well-known and respected member of the party and former member of the Ontario Legislature, were at the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre on December 3 meeting with people as they went about their holiday shopping.

   This will be a very important election for the country, and both Claude and Eli are hoping for a better than average turn out at the poles. Martel is worried about the apathy that seems to be engulfing the country on all political levels, citing a recent by-election where only about 20% of the eligible voters took time to cast their ballots. He also pointed out that in most elections while the winning party and/or candidate may receive 40 50% of the actual votes cast, this represents a mere 25 30% of the total population and is thus hardly reflective of a leader who has the support of the people in his riding. Both Martel and Gravelle are hopeful that the January 2006 election will be a turning point in terms of voter turnout. One of their goals is to convince the general public that it is in their best interests to let their ballots speak for them by getting out to vote.

   An informed voter can make a difference in the results of an election, and it is hoped that everyone will take an active interest in keeping up to date with what the local and national candidates are doing and saying between now and January 23.


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