Atom Tier I Hockey Club Raises Funds By Selling Candy Canes

Being the manager of a house league hockey team requires a lot more than just showing up at the rink and cheering in the stands. For "Shawn" Mealey, shown in the centre, it also means organizing fund-raising events to help pay for some of the tournaments the club is scheduled to enter this year.

On Saturday, December 10, 2005, Shawn spent a great deal of time at the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre - not shopping, but supervising players during a special "Tag Day" at the mall. Pictured with Shawn were, on the left, Kody Bodson, and on the right, Shawn's son, David Mealey.

Her team, sponsored by Desjardins' Food Basics, is enjoying a great year both on and off the ice. They play an average of one game and one practice per week. With all of the playoff and tournament contests included, they will play somewhere between 40 and 50 games during the entire season. Coach of the team is Tom Sbrega.



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