Memere Rita Chaput loves Christmas. And one look at three of her grandchildren sitting on Santa's lap shows you why. Here the Julien children, Paul (7), Natalie (3) and Mathieu (5) smile brightly while Memere takes a picture of them on Santa's knees in the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre. The children live with their parents in Chelmsford, but always love visiting Memere Chaput. 

Rita explains, "Christmas is always a blast at my house when the 11 grandchildren and 7 children gather. And when Santa arrives during the evening, he is always greeted with 21 stockings to stuff."

When you see three wonderful children like Paul, Natalie and Mathieu, you just have to love this season.

Memere Rita Chaput always has fun when she comes to the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre. Above she demonstrates how to get in the spirit during the Halloween Costume Day held at the mall.


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