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February 21, 2006

As I am writing this, we are being hit by another blast of winter. Since the beginning of this year, we have been hit by a few storms that have dropped a significant amount of snow on our area.
I would like to provide you with some statistics regarding snow accumulation over the last few years.
Since 1990 the average accumulation of snow for January was 63 centimetres and for February it was 46 centimetres.
In January 2005 we received 50 centimetres and 15 centimetres fell in February.

For January 2006 we got 91 centimetres and in February we have received 47 centimetres with another 20-to 30 cm. on the way.
As you can tell by the above figures, our area has  received more snow this year than we had experienced over quite some time.

At our February 15th council meeting, Mayor David Courtemanche introduced a motion to increase our winter roads maintenance budget by $620,000.00. Council voted unanimously to support this motion. The increase in the winter roads budget came about after listening to residents express their concerns with the new snow plowing policy. This
is certainly taking a huge step forward in the improvement of our snow removal. Greater Sudbury 's winter roads operating budget now sits at $10.4 million annually.

Our Public Works Department has now instituted a "storm line ".
Residents are asked to call 560-2022 with any questions or concerns, during a winter storm. Staff will be able to address their inquiries in a timely fashion and pass on any areas of concern to the appropriate managers for quick action.

If you require additional information, I can be reached  at the following:
Office 897-6410
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