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February 28, 2006

At our February 22nd council meeting, there was a presentation from Mr. Steve Irwin, Chair of the Greater Sudbury Economic Development Board regarding a Multi-Use Centre for our city.

The presentation was followed by a lengthy discussion by members of council. The Board raised many points as to the benefits that such a centre would bring to our area. We were told that Sudbury is no longer just a mining town, we have a strong tourism sector, we are the shopping capital of Northern Ontario and residents today are demanding more amenities that enhance our quality of life. They also felt that existing facilities do not fully meet the community's needs and they certainly limit new opportunities. The Board set up a task force to consult with community groups and they came up with the following uses for the proposed centre:

*   Performing arts
*   Art gallery and public art space
*   Exhibition place
*   Reception and banquet facilities
*   Conventions
*   Office space for cultural organizations
*   Central heritage space

Some councillors felt that such a centre would be competing directly with local businesses. Others were not willing to commit any money on a study to determine if a facility such as this was required. Staff was instructed to bring back to council the cost of such a building as well as the annual operating expenses.
I would like to know what you think?

Do you feel that Sudbury would require a Multi-Use Centre?

Do you think Sudbury could sustain such a centre?

Please contact me with your opinion:


I would like to provide you with some Building Services Statistics.

Year                   Permits issued        Construction Value                                  

2005                           2151          $182,386,759.00
2004                           2004          $152,104,420.00
2000                           1517          $101,407,000.00
1998                           1461          $  69,266,695.00
1996                           1533          $  97,232,303.00
1995                           1372          $129,173,850.00

The last couple of years have been exceptional for us and the early part of this year indicates that the trend will continue. We can expect more new businesses to open throughout the city as well as in the Valley.

As always, I would appreciate your comments on any of the above or on any other matter.

I can be reached at 897-6410
or by email

Have a pleasant week!!!

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