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January 16, 2006


Let me begin by wishing each and everyone of you a very Happy 2006!

As stated the last time I wrote to you, I will be using this forum to inform you of things that are going on across our community.

On Monday, Minister Bartolucci announced that Pioneer Manor would  be receiving an additional 25 interim long term health care beds. This is great news for our community and means that our family members will not have to be transferred to facilities in other communities. Patients will now be able to stay here, close to their family and friends. Council had been asking the Province to recognize the urgency of this particular problem for some time and we are all pleased that Ministers Smitherman and Bartolucci agreed and acted upon our request.  

At the council meeting last week, a new branding program was adopted. The My Sudbury / Oui Sudbury  is going to become part of a strategy to develop a long term community image campaign. A presentation was made to council by the Growth and Development Staff to provide us with the recommendations coming from the Steering Committee.  To date we have close to 75 community partners who are committing to this project. This is very exciting and is something that will bring all four corners of our city together.

Council has also implemented a new snowplowing policy, that should improve the way we remove snow from our streets and sidewalks. I will provide more information on this in the upcoming weeks.

If you are currently experiencing problems with snowplowing you are asked to call the Frobisher Depot at 560-2022, staff will respond to your concerns as quickly as possible.  

This week, we will be completing the capital part of the budget. This will determine what major projects we will undertake and what new equipment will be purchased. I will provide you with the results of this discussion next week.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments you may have pertaining to city business.

Have a pleasant week!  


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