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March 21, 2006

Spring is just around the corner and this means that we are about to be faced with a whole new set of challenges. This time of the year is when we are looking at our flooding contingency plans. We have had a number of meetings over the last couple of weeks and we are constantly updated by the staff at the Nickel District Conservation Authority. The amount of snow as well as water levels are monitored regularly. The ideal situation is to have warm days and cooler nights so that there is a gradual melt and less chances of
major flooding.

The change of temperature also means that our roads experience some movement, there are more bumps that appear and motorists are urged to drive according to road conditions. 

In a few short weeks, construction will begin on a number of roads throughout the city including some major projects in our ward. Again we will be testing your patience!

The city will soon be asked to endorse a Pedestrian Charter. This is another step we are taking in order for Greater Sudbury to become a Healthy Community. Many cities across the country and even the world have adopted such charters. Some of the items found in such a charter are:

*Upholding the right of pedestrian of all ages and abilities to safe, convenient, direct, and comfortable walking conditions.
*Providing a walking environment within the public right-of-way and in parks that encourages people to walk for travel, exercise and recreation.
*Supporting and encouraging the planning, design, and development of walking environments in public and private spaces.
*Creating walkable communities by giving high priority to mixed land use.
*Promoting laws and regulations that respect pedestrians' particular needs.
These are only examples of the things that are found in a Pedestrian Charter.
I would like to hear from you regarding the implementation of such a charter.

At Wednesday's Priorities Meeting, the Airport Board will be making a presentation to council. This should be very exciting because a number of things have been happening at the airport in the last couple of years. Please note that the meeting begins at 5:00 p.m. and can be seen on Channel 10.

Have a pleasant week!

Ron Dupuis

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