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March 7, 2006

I was very pleased to see the response to my last article concerning a multi-use centre. I would like to thank everyone who emailed me with their thoughts. The majority of you made it quite clear that the city should not be involved financially with such a project, and that this venture should be left in the hands of the private sector.

This week at council, we will be discussing the South-end rock tunnel and how the remainder of the shortfall should be financed.  ( roughly $4 million ) Council was advised in June that the estimated total cost for the project was $31,075,000.00 and that funding was in place as follows:

   $14,248,300.00   Previously approved through Capital Budgets
          965,000.00   Previously approved through Capital Budgets
Marcel/ Bouchard lifts
       8,400,000.00   committed from the Province
          340,000.00   culvert work to be funded from the Roads Capital
Envelope - 2006
          106,700.00   from the Sewer and Water Payments Reserve Fund
       1,000,000.00   from the 2006 Wastewater Capital Envelope
       1,000,000.00   from the 2007 Wastewater Capital Envelope
       1,015,000.00   from the 2008 Wastewater Capital Envelope


Options were presented to council on ways of raising the outstanding balance of $4 million. The recommended option from staff is that we recover this money from future development on the benefiting lands which means that the $4 million would be amortized over 40 years through a fees by-law. Each single family residential dwelling would be charged $3,760.00 and a multi-family dwelling would be charged $2,260.00.

This matter will make for a very lively discussion.

I would like to hear from you on how we should handle raising the $4 million shortfall.

Ron Dupuis
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