Ward 3


January 3, 2006


Happy New Year to all residents of Ward 3!


Elected representatives are always looking at means of communicating with their constituents, which is why I am extremely excited to be using this forum as a tool to be able to keep you informed about decisions being made at city hall.

2005 was an exceptional year for our area. New subdivision approvals were at an all time high, residential and commercial construction experienced tremendous booms, and road construction certainly tested our patience.

2006 will definitely be another good year for us, all indications point to another banner year for new construction. The addition of a center turning lane on Municipal Road 80 from Fifth Street to Donaldson will continue, making this section of road much safer.

Over the next few months, I will be writing about a variety of topics such as


the 2006 budget and its impact on you

bulletroad construction plans for the ward
bulletwater and waste water
bulletpurchase of Hydro 1 and why it is important to you
bulletwaste management initiatives

I will be informing you of the goings on at Tom Davies Square , and looking for your comments and questions on some of the policies being implemented. The most frequently asked questions will be answered here.

I trust that I will be able to explain things in a clear and concise manner and give you a better understanding of municipal politics.

I may be reached at 897-6410 or by email at  


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