Angele Mrochek - A Passion For Life That Is Making All The Difference In The World For Her Family And Her Community School
When you first meet her, Angele Mrochek strikes you as an attractive, healthy 30-year old mother with a warm smile. In the photo to the right, she is standing underneath the engagement photo she took with her husband, J.P. The two met when she was only 16 and have been married for ten years (as of the date of this article in January 2006). 

Angele and J.P. have three boys who attend Ecole Notre Dame School in Hanmer. Mathieu is in Grade 5; Martin is in Grade 3; and Miguel is in S.K. Ironically, both Angele and J.P. also attended that very same Ecole Notre Dame School when they were in elementary school. Many people will remember her from her maiden name, Angele Lapointe.

Angele obtained her diploma in Sign Language Communication from Collage Boreal and appeared headed for a very promising career in this field. It was then that Angele and J.P. made a very important decision. Instead of pursuing a career in sign language, Angele decided to pursue a much more challenging, and far more important career - that of being a full-time homemaker and mother. She and J.P. meant that it would mean sacrificing some of the "material" things that a second job could provide, but they felt fortunate enough to be in a position where they could "make it" on one salary and decided that it was more important for their children to have a mom at home. 

Angele then took it one step further and decided to become totally involved with her childrens' school. While they were at St. Michel School, Angele chaired the annual "Family Day" celebrations which were always the big event of the year. When St. Michel closed to make room for the St. Anne School students who are there now, she organized the "Closing Day Celebrations". Now that her children attend Ecole Notre Dame, she is in her 2nd year as President of the Parent Teacher Association and is at the school "just about every day" taking part in some form of function or activity. 

She organized the Annual Christmas Food Drive which was held at Neil's Your Independent Grocers on December 17, 2005, and is taking care of the Winter Carnival which is scheduled for February 10, 2006.

When asked why she is so involved, she didn't hesitate with the answer, "I love doing this! It is so great to be able to go to the school every day and be active. J.P. and I knew that we were giving up a lot when I chose this kind of life over employment outside the home, but we've also gained so much more from the decision. It means so much to my children for me to be available when they go to school; when they come home; when they are sick; and when they are doing special things at school. Some days I wonder what it would be like to be able to afford more material things, but there is nothing I could buy that would give me the same satisfaction I have doing what I am doing with my life right now."

Angele encourages more parents and grandparents to get involved with their schools. Volunteers can add so much to the atmosphere of the community school and can really provide an excellent example for all of the children at the school.

We congratulate Angele, and J.P. for supporting her in her decision to provide an invaluable contribution, not only to her children; not only to the children of Ecole Notre Dame; but also to the entire community of Valley East.


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