Ronald Ross Has Cut A Lot Of Hair During The Past 50 Years

   Ronald Ross may be almost 70 years old, but he has no plans on retiring from his 50-year career as a barber.  When Ron and his wife Gertrude married in June of 1960 and moved into their current home in Hanmer, little did they expect that 45 years later they would still be serving their loyal customers out of the very same room in their original home. Even more amazing is the fact that Ron is severely hearing impaired. Ron lost his hearing when he was around 5 years of age and has a mere 16% of a normal hearing level. Yet, despite this impairment, it hasn’t deterred him from a career he loves – a career which includes a great deal of conversation with customers.

   At the age of 14, Ron went to College of the Deaf in Montreal for 5 years, graduated and went off to the Moreau Barber School in Montreal . When he finished the Barber school, at the age of nineteen, he started his business out of his dad's home on December 20, 1955 and remained there for five years. After marrying Gertrude, they moved into their home on Hwy 69 N. in Hanmer and Ronald’s Barber Shop has continued to this day.

   Three children were raised in the Ross household. Dan, Francine and Suzanne were all able to walk up the street to Ecole Notre Dame and then eventually to Ecole Secondaire Hanmer. Their father, Ronald, was always able to be at home for them while he operated his business. According to Dan, “It was great! My dad would do a lot of the cooking and household duties during the day while my mother worked and whenever customers came into the shop they would press a button that caused the lights to go off briefly. When that happened, dad would go to the shop and give a haircut. It was a great way to grow up.”

   Claude Chenier, owner of Valley Plaza Barber Shop in the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre, recalls his early days as a barber working for his Uncle Ron. “I came out of college and spent the first year and a half working for him at Ron’s Barber Shop. Then I came over here and have been here ever since. I’m now beginning my 24th year in this career and I expect to have a story for you to print 26 years from now too.”

   Many residents will recall that Joe Ross, Ron’s father, was Mayor of Hanmer for a couple of years prior to Ray Plourde.

   We congratulate Ronald and Gertrude on a lifetime of contributions to this community.  The Ross’ are definitely people to whom we can turn for inspiration and motivation as we continue to make Valley East a place to grow. As for Ronald, he plans on continuing to practice his profession as a barber for as long as his health holds out.


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