Roy St. Jacques Picks Up 25 Bags of Pop and Beer Cans Each Week For Special Olympics


   If you live in the community of Val Therese, or if you happen to shop at the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre, you have seen a man carrying garbage bags full of empty pop cans and beer bottles. You may not have paid much attention to this man. I know I never gave him much thought until recently when I found out that his name is Roy St. Jacques, and what he is doing with those garbage bags is truly remarkable and he should be an inspiration to all of us.
   Roy is a Special Olympics 5 Pin Bowler from the Bonaventure Lanes Challenge League in Val Caron. This is a Tuesday Night League that helps developmentally challenged individuals enjoy the sport of bowling. The collection of aluminum pop and beer cans is the major fund-raiser for the league and is put towards the expenses of the members.

   Roy has going door to door collecting over 25 bags of cans for over a year in the area near the shopping center and around Val Therese. He is very appreciative of the support he has received from residents as he walks his route up and down the streets collecting the cans. The mall has also provided him with the loan of a shopping cart to help with the project. 

   Despite his busy schedule, Roy is never in too much of a hurry to say hello or to stop and talk for a few minutes. He is never too busy to give you a smile or ask you how your day is going. Roy may not be the president of a large multi-national company. He may not drive around in an expensive car or ever run for election. But what he is doing is certainly adding to the character of this fine community and he is definitely making a difference. 

   The head coach for the Valley East Ontario Special Olympics Team is Claude Poitras.


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