Barry & Monique Blais Provide Ten 
Excellent Party Tips To Remember 
If You Are Hosting A Party


Everyone at Reliable Security, including Barry Blais, owner; his wife, Monique, Office Manager; and their loyal companion, 'Buster' , want to remind everyone who is hosting a party during the holiday season that they have a tremendous responsibility to their guests.

As the host of a party you can be held responsible for injuries or damages that occur as a result of the alcohol you provide. You are responsible for what happens to guests when they are in your home or on your property. You are also responsible for your guests at other functions you organize, like weddings, street parties and company parties. And, you may be held responsible for the safety and behaviour of your guests until they are sober, not just until they leave your party or function.

Since courts are increasingly placing legal responsibility on people who serve alcohol or host events where guests are drinking, if you plan ahead you can lower both your risk and your guests' risks of having problems.

In order to help you guarantee that your party is remembered for all of the right reasons, please consider the following tips which are valid for any time of the year:
bulletDon't plan physical activities such as swimming, skiing, snowmobiling and skating when you serve alcohol. People are more prone to accidents when they have been drinking.
bulletHave low-alcohol and alcohol-free cocktails and drinks available too for people who want to cut down on alcohol content.
bulletServe snacks. It is better to eat while drinking than to drink on an empty stomach. Try veggies, cheeses and light dips. Besides being great to eat, they don't make your guests thirsty such as salty, sweet or greasy foods.
bulletBe prepared for overnight guests just in case some of your visitors are in no condition to drive home. It may be an inconvenience, but it is your party.
bulletServe drinks yourself instead of having an open bar. Always avoid doubles and keep in mind that guests usually drink more when they serve themselves.
bulletPlan to deal with guests who drink too much. You know who your guest are, so ask someone to be prepared to help you before the party gets rolling - just in case.
bulletFind out how guests will be going home from your party. Be prepared to take away car keys. Know your designated drivers. Also, have cash and phone numbers ready for taxis. 
bulletStop serving alcohol a few hours before the party is over. During that time, bring out more alcohol free drinks like coffee and tea and have more food available.
bulletPlan ahead so that it is easy to try some of these tips. Keep in mind that if a legal problem does arise, it is easier to defend your actions if you can prove that you did everything you could to protect your guests.
bulletFinally, don't drink too much yourself. As host, you can stay on top of potential problems much better when you can think clearly and act quickly yourself.


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