Honeywell Wireless 
Two Way Voice Security System 
Is Ideal For People With Special Needs

Barry Blais, owner of Reliable Security in Sudbury, is extremely impressed with the program that has been implemented by ADT for customers who are handicapped, wheelchair bound, or elderly. Here, he is showing us the Honeywell Wireless 2-way-voice system that is being installed free of charge for people who happen to fall into one of those three categories.

"This is the ideal system for people who may find themselves in distress and have trouble using traditional methods of getting assistance," explained Barry. "All a person has to do is hit one button and you will immediately get a response from a calm, re-assuring voice who will give you advice and guidance, or who will call for emergency assistance. One button gets you connected and you can carry on a conversation with a professional on the other side."

As a special promotion by ADT, this system which may normally cost as much as $2000 to purchase and install, is being provided absolutely free of charge for people who are in greatest need of the system. Those include people who may find it physically difficult to get around or who may otherwise be physically handicapped. Many people in this group are not in a position financially where they can make the purchase. All they have to do is activate the system and then pay a monthly monitoring charge of less than $40 for complete security and peace of mind. Any time they want to speak to someone at ADT to request assistance, they simply press one button.

"This is a full security system, just like the regular ones that we provide to other customers," states Barry. "Anyone can buy one of these systems, but ADT is now providing them free of charge to the elderly and handicapped because of the features that these people may need more than others. You get all of the fire and burglary protection plus the two-way-voice features."

Indeed, there are far too many features to mention in this article. For example, it also acts as a message centre so you can leave a message if you are going out of the house and someone will be coming in before you get back.

For more information about these or other security systems, you are invited to contact Barry Blais at 525-5663.


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