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bulletI Have Held Many Positions In My Life, But None More Important Than...
Two little boys were dressed and ready to go. In fact, they had been ready now for more than an hour. Excitement flooded their faces and all their talk was about only one thing: their father had promised to take them to the circus that afternoon and they were only minutes away from leaving. For More>>>>
bulletYou Can't See Where You Are Going If You Are Always Looking Behind...
One day, many years ago, I was standing in the hallway at a local elementary school watching a teacher bring her class to the gym when I overheard the most philosophical question I have ever encountered in my life. For More>>>>
bulletDeath Is Not The Enemy of Life, But Its Friend...
When my Father-in-law, Ignace Starcevic, passed away in 1982, my wife asked me to come up with something nice to have engraved on his tombstone.  I was only 32 at the time and we were in the process of raising three young sons, aged 3, 5 and 7.  It was a hectic time of our lives and we were typical parents – running ourselves ragged as we encountered all of the normal experiences and challenges faced by all other young parents. For More>>>>
bulletLife Is Like A Sponge

It has often been said that a person’s life is the sum total of his/her experiences. On the surface that seems like a simple enough statement, but if one accepts this premise, then why do so many of us engage in practices and activities which are negative and actually hurt us. Consider the family of five who decided one day to each clean a different area of the home. They each took a sponge, did the cleaning, and then placed the sponges back on the kitchen counter top. The sponges all looked the same. For More>>>>

bulletThe Difference Between Heaven and Hell
There are a lot of things I like about my life right now. I could spend the entire editorial discussing my family, my career and how I have enjoyed living in Val Therese for the past 32 years. But other than things to do with my family, the thing I like best about my life is the fact that through all of my work and personal interactions with the various parts of the community, I get to meet so many wonderful people who are devoted to improving the quality of life for others in need. For More>>>>
bulletThe Most Beautiful Word In Any Language...Mother
Norman Vincent Peale once wrote, “In her the creative genius of God attains His highest skill. What a charming blend she is of the most lovable and moving qualities of human nature. From the moment in youth when she holds her first baby in her arms until in life’s evening time she looks tenderly upon her grandchild, her life is one of dedicated service and love. Loving us; believing in us; fighting for us; praying for us; to her we are always her dear child – life of her life.” For More>>>>
bulletGive Your Parents A Hug And Thank Them For Caring
The other day I overheard two teenage girls in the mall complaining about their parents. One of them was upset because her parents wouldn’t let her go out on a date with a guy named Fred, who was three years older than her. The girls were making plans to trick her parents into thinking they were having a sleep-over. For More>>>>
bulletWhy Elephants Don't Run And Eagles Don't Fly
A number of years ago, while attending a circus with my children, I noticed a group of elephants in an open area. Each of these gigantic beasts was being held by only a small rope tied to their front leg. There were no chains and no fences around them. It was pretty obvious that the elephants could break away from their bonds at any time, but for some reason they did not. I went over to one of the trainers and asked why these beautiful, magnificent animals just stood there and made no attempt to get away. For More>>>>
bulletThe Small Things You Do For Others Can Leave a Lifetime Impression
We all casually leave lasting impressions on others who come into our life. The least, little courtesy, the simplest, kind word, perhaps a bit of time spent "just being there," or even, I suppose, the most fleeting, careless kindness, like fixing a wheel for a stranger could be a gesture that someone else remembers for the rest of his or her life. For More>>>>
bullet Thank You For Showing Us How To Build Our ‘House” John Lancia
I’ve met a lot of people over the course of my lifetime. Some I remember with fondness and some I would rather forget. A little over two years ago, when I began working as the Marketing Manager for the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre, I met a quiet, unassuming gentleman who has taught me a lot more about life than he can ever imagine. For More>>>>
bulletEvery Decision You Make Is About Who You Are
What would you say if I told you that it was impossible for you to ever make a wrong decision? You may not always be happy with the results of some of your decisions, but it is impossible to make a ‘wrong decision’.  For more>>>>
bullet“I Just Wish They’d Go Home”

    “What is wrong with the younger generation today?”   Ask any adult that question and inevitably the answer will boil down to the fact that, in general, kids just seem to have a serious lack of respect today. Not all kids display this character flaw, but a large number of them certainly do. And the ones who demonstrate a lack of respect for people, property and themselves tend to be the most vocal and the most visible. For more>>>>

bullet“Where There’s This Much Manure, There’s Gotta Be A Pony”
The latest data we have available shows that the jobless rate in Sudbury is anywhere from 7 to 10%. This is a serious situation which has been getting worse over the years as the rest of the country shows employment and economic growth. For more>>>>
bulletWe’ll Deal With It When We Have To…
It’s strange how you sometimes get the best advice from the most unusual places. The other day I met a young man who was a former student of mine. He told me a story about the birth of his daughter that touched my heart. The baby was born with a minor problem that caused enough concern for the doctor to order a test the next morning. For more>>>>
bullet An Excellent Life Is Nothing More Than The Sum of Many Excellent Moments
I consider myself to have been very fortunate in life. Sure there have been days I would like to forget and I have suffered a lot of set backs and disappointments like anyone else, but, for the most part, my life has been pretty good. One of the reasons I feel this way is that many years ago I learned to accept the principle that where I am today is the sum total of every single thing that has ever happened to me along this journey. For more>>>>
bulletIf We Don’t Act Soon We May Not Have To Worry About A Shortage Of Skilled Trades Workers 
The other day I reviewed the results of an international survey which concluded that Canada has one of the most serious shortages of skilled labour in the industrial world. That didn’t surprise me much. We’ve been hearing for years that our schools must begin to produce more skilled graduates in the trades. What did surprise me, however, is the survey found that employers in Canada are not just having trouble finding employees in the skilled trades field. For more>>>>
bulletWhat Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? 
“What do you want to be when you grow up?”   That is the million dollar question that has been asked to young people since the beginning of time. More>>>>
bulletHow A Pickle Changed An Entire Community…. 
One of the most important lessons we learn in life is usually due to problems we’ve encountered because we’ve failed to adhere to the following very simple, basic rule. “If You Want To Accomplish Anything, You Must Pay Attention To The Little Details.” More>>>>
bulletThere Is No Such Thing As Failure As Long As You Have The Courage To Try… 
One day two young brothers were in the backyard when their father came home and saw them digging in a hole that was already waist deep. The father came up to them and asked for an explanation. More>>>>
bulletThe Golden Box of Birthday Kisses…
As the story goes, one day a long time ago, a young mother walked into her 5-year old daughter’s bedroom and was extremely upset to see that the little girl had used almost a whole roll of expensive gold wrapping paper to decorate a small package about the size of a shoe box. While severely scolding her daughter, the mother quickly gathered the remaining paper, scotch tape and scissors. The child was told to get her pajamas on and go to bed immediately without watching TV or getting her usual bedtime snack. More>>>
bulletThe Next Time I Think I Have Anything to Complain About…   
It never ceases to amaze me that people who have been through some of the most horrendous challenges this world can throw at them seem to have the most positive outlook towards life. I met a wonderful lady the other day who taught me a great deal about what it means to live one day at a time and how happy you can be if you focus on what is truly important. More>>>
bulletTime - The Most Valued Possession
I want to thank Cindi Cooke for sending me the following email which clearly demonstrates the one thing that we all take for granted, but that is definitely our most valued possession. I don't think the story needs any introduction. The message is clear. More>>>>
bulletKeep The Memories Of Your Loved Ones Alive This Christmas Season…    
However, no matter how happy we are or how much we enjoy the Christmas festivities, most of us will experience a few sad moments at this time of year as well. More>>>>>
bullet  All It Takes Is One Person…Be That Person!
Try to hold on to the memories of how good you feel during the next few weeks whenever you are around people who liven things up with happiness. See how quickly a room full of quiet people can break into laughter when one person brightens up the room. Happiness is contagious, and all it takes is one person to lift up everyone’s spirit. More >>>>
bulletWhat Is Going To Happen When We Run Out Of Little Red Hens?
This is my favourite time of the year, and I know that most of you likely feel the same way. However, at the risk of putting a damper on your “Christmas Spirit”, it is also the time of year when I get the most discouraged about the future of this great community. More>>>
bulletWe Can Learn A Lot About Living From The Simple Caterpillar
The other day I came across a short article that clearly explained why it is so difficult to get people to change their habits and beliefs. The article showed me that a simple creature like the "processionary caterpillar" can teach us all a lot about life if we are only willing to listen. More>>>>
bulletThere Are Never Any Mistakes In Life…Just Detours
Have you ever noticed that it is usually the little things you do for people that are often the most appreciated? More>>>>
bulletYou Have No Idea How Powerful Your Words May Be.
Choose Them Carefully…
We’ve all been there. If you are human, you can’t help but experience times when everything seems to be going wrong and you feel as if your life is completely out of control. More>>>>
bulletNothing Is More Important Than Time Spent With Another Human Being…  
The other day I was typing an article on my computer when I was interrupted by the sound of someone speaking a language which I must admit I am beginning to understand. It was my 15-month old granddaughter tugging at my shirt wanting me to play with her. More>>>
bulletNever Expect A Soft Landing When You Jump to Conclusions…  
Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you jumped to a conclusion about someone, only to find out later that you were wrong? Embarrassing, isn’t it? More>>>
bulletI Would Rather Live My Life Believing…  
Have you ever been involved in an argument or debate with someone and just couldn’t find the right words to back up your position?  More>>>>
bulletBeware of Missing Out On The Diamond While You Are Collecting Stones!
Many of my acquaintances often ask me how I come up with ideas for my editorials every week. I tell them that it is easy when you are around people all of the time. You just have to watch and listen. Life happens and stories evolve on their own. More>>>>
bulletThe Miracles of Life…Birth and Death
As one grows older you would expect that there would be fewer and fewer new things to experience about life. You know the expression, “Been there, done that!”  So imagine how I felt, when, for the first time in my 55 years on this earth, I found myself standing by in a lonely hospital room last week watching my mother-in-law die. More>>>>
bulletWeek of The Child Is Good Time For Adults To Review Lesson Plans
Parenting is an art! Ask any mother or father and they will quickly tell you that there is nothing that fully prepares you for the role, but you soon discover that there is no job in the world that is more satisfying or more challenging. More>>>>
bulletThere Are Two Primary Choices In Life: To Accept Conditions As They Exist, or Accept Responsibility For Changing Them
There are certain things you stumble across in this life that hit you like a brick. A few weeks ago I saw the quotation above and it almost knocked me over. It was on one of those days when I was questioning whether or not I was making any difference at all in the things I was doing. More>>>>>
bulletThis Year, Let’s Make Sure We See The Cake And Not The Mess
I want to share a story with you that makes me feel just a little bit of pain every time I read it. As a father, a teacher, and a husband, I have often found myself in a situation where I “failed to see the cake” and I know I missed out on some pretty special moments. More>>>
bulletHold Everything!
I’ve Been Looking For A Place Like This All My Life!
I once met a farmer who had lived on the same farm all his life. It was a good farm with fertile soil, but with the passing of the years, the farmer began to think that maybe there was something better for him. More>>>
bulletDon't Be Satisfied With The Status Quo 
Some people find that it is a lot easier to simply accept the status quo, and go about their live with a feeling that nothing they do will make a difference.
bullet Did God Create Evil?
Here’s How To Reply To The Question The Next Time Someone Wants To Question Your Faith
Every now and then Christians are challenged to justify their faith in God. Some people just do not believe things they can’t understand. Here is a little story that may help you the next time you find yourself in a conversation with a person who is trying to put you on the spot. More>>>>
bulletCount Your Blessings One Marble At A Time
A long time ago there was a young man who was going through a very difficult period in his life. He worked extremely hard and just couldn’t find any time to spend with his wife and children. He went to confide in his father, who was the wisest man he knew. More>>>
bulletAn Excellent Life Is Nothing More Than The Sum Of Many Excellent Moments
Several centuries ago, the Emperor of Japan asked a Japanese artist to paint a picture of a particular species of bird. Many years later, the Emperor paid a personal visit to the artist’s studio to ask for an explanation as to why his painting had not yet been delivered. More>>>
bulletAre You Still Searching For Your Dream To Come True?
Wake up...It May Already Be Here!
I feel sorry for the next generation. Admittedly, I am not very old myself, but as I look back over my life I realize that the times during which I really appreciated what I had were the times when I didn=t really have very much. It seems that the more we have, the more we want, and the more we take for granted what we have. Many of us spend our entire life searching for something that we had right in front of us all along. More >>>>
bulletOur Most Valuable Resources Are Worth Fighting For...Accept the Challenge
I was recently reminded of a golf tournament I played in way back in August 2000. I was on a team with my son and two of his friends. When we took our place on the tee to begin our quest for the championship, little did I realize that I was taking part in one of those significant life experiences that we all look back upon with fondness over the ever increasing years of our life. More >>>>
bulletChanging Your Focus Can Produce Remarkable Results
Too often we come across individuals who are so sure of them self that they refuse to change their focus. They would rather continue in one direction without changing focus or giving consideration to other alternatives. How often we have witnessed failure, when a simple change of direction would have resulted in success. More >>>>
bulletCoping With Change Is All A Matter Of Learning How To Go With The Flow
One of the things you learn as you are going through the various stages of life is that no matter what you are involved in, life has a way of throwing obstacles at you. Our ability to cope with change and disruption determines, to a great degree, our peace, happiness and contentment in life. But how do we develop this ability to cope with change? How do we help children learn this skill? More >>>>
bulletThe Daffodil Principle
The "Daffodil Garden" was located on the side of a mountain. It was a magnificent scene. One of the most beautiful sights you could imagine. It looked as though someone had taken a great vat of gold and poured it down over the mountain peak and slopes where it had run into every crevice and over every rise. The mountainside was radiant, clothed in massive drifts and waterfalls of daffodils. More >>>>
bulletThere's A Lot More Left In The Tube
I read an article the other day which was written by a man named Jeff Keller. After I finished the article, I realized that the title, "There’s A Lot More Left In The Tube", is one of those motivational quotations that you would like to hang up in every room to remind you that you should never give up too soon. We have all experienced frustration and despair at various times in our lives when we felt we had done everything we possibly could to achieve a particular goal. It may be something as simple as trying to grow flowers in your garden, or as serious as how to cultivate a better relationship with your child or spouse, or something to do with your job. Whatever the case, there comes a point when you simply feel you can’t go on any further. More>>>>>
bulletOnce A Word Is Allowed To Escape It Can Never Be Called Back
Many times we, as flawed human beings, make a personal comment, or react to a situation in anger, only to wish we could take back our words or say what we really wanted to say in a different manner? Human beings are, by nature, confrontational animals. We like to get in the last word! We are quick to strike back with a negative comment when we are angry or when we are insulted! We don’t like to sit back and take criticism! Many times, our verbal attacks make us feel good for the moment, but then we feel a sense of remorse and regret afterwards when we realize that what we actually said may have inflicted great pain on those around us. Consider the valuable lesson about life a father taught his son in this little story and see if there is a lesson for all of us. More>>>>>
bulletThe Barnyard
One day a little red hen scratched about in the barnyard until she gathered some grains of wheat. She called her neighbours and said, "If we plant this wheat, we shall have bread to eat. Who will help me plant?" More>>>>>
bulletDon’t Ever Under Estimate The Tremendous Impact Of A Sincere Smile

The other morning I stopped for a hot chocolate at the drive through of Tim Horton’s. It was early, and the line-up was unusually long. By the time I got to the window for my single cup of hot chocolate I was more than a little annoyed at the waiting time. The glass door lifted, and there to greet my frowning face was a young lady with a sincerely friendly smile and a cheery, "Good morning, sir. Here is your hot chocolate. That will be $1.24 please." More>>>>>

bulletSpecial Thoughts About Christmas Memories
Christmas is a wonderful time of year, filled with so much joy and happiness. Everyone is attending parties, shopping for gifts, making plans to visit friends and relatives, and generally just trying to keep up with the hectic pace of the holiday season. However, no matter how happy we are or how much we enjoy the Christmas festivities, most of will experience a few sad moments at this time of year as well. More>>>>

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