Foiling Is A Fad That Will Never Die

Stacy Miron, one of the hairstylists at The Cutting Boutique, is certainly glad that the process known as "foiling" was introduced to Northern Ontario almost ten years ago.

Foiling is a way for people to add highlights to different areas of your head. It is so popular that the majority of people who highlight their hair now use this process instead of the old style of using caps.

In the example above, Stacy is adding bright red highlights to the hair of a young patron. "The colour will last longer when you use foils and you can also add as many colours as you want if you are brave and want to make a bold personal statement." explained Stacy. "By using foiling you can get the colour right down to the roots, and that is why it will stay with you longer. I always tell my clients to make sure that is the colour they want because they will have to live with it for quite a few months.

It takes about an hour to do a full head of hair. The longest part of the process is putting in the foils

After the foils are in and the colouring is done, the client goes under the dryer to activate the colours.

When completed, the customer has some highlights that will add zest and vigour to her hair. Stacy points out that her clients range in age from 12 to as old as 60. In fact, the highlighting process is becoming most popular among the 40 to 60 year old group who simply want to feel "hip" and stylish. Foiling is also a great way to colour hair that is going gray in certain spots of your head. It is easier to "target" small areas.

You can also get "subtle" natural highlights like Stacy's shown above. This is after four months. She will likely get another highlighting done in a couple more months. 

Or you can get a more bold, multi-tonel treatment such as the one sported by Sharon Desmarais, owner of the Cutting Boutique.

A full head of highlights starts at $75, depending on the length of the hair and the number of colours to be applied. The actual price of your foil treatment will be determined upon consultation.


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