Wayne Price Provides Helpful Advice To Customers In His Power Tool & Hardware Department

Wayne Price, shown above, takes his job seriously. He is responsible for the hand and power tools as well as the nuts & bolts and specialty product section of Hanmer Home Hardware. He is also a person who does all of his own renovations and projects around the home, so when someone comes to him for advice, he knows what he is talking about.

"I've been through a lot of projects in my lifetime, so I know what a person is going to need around the home," explained Wayne. "I like to take the time to talk to a customer to find out exactly what his or her needs are, and then we can usually find the right kind of tools or materials to suit the job. There is no point in buying a table saw if you don't intend to be doing much carpentry around the house."

Dave Jones, one of the owners of Hanmer Home Hardware is extremely pleased to have a person like Wayne taking care of this very important section of the store. "Wayne knows his stuff. It is our policy to appoint staff to take "ownership" of a particular department so that they can become "specialists" in their field. However, we also make sure that they have some basic knowledge of the entire store so that they know how to integrate the needs of customers who may be doing carpentry and then have to add plumbing and painting before they are finished.. For example, you can get your power tools from Wayne, but he can also go with you to the other departments to help you get the rest of your materials for any project you may have in mind."

Indeed, this is one of the main benefits customers have when they shop in a store the size of Hanmer Home Hardware. At 10,000 square feet, it is plenty big enough to carry just about everything a person could ever need, but it is also small enough to be able to provide you with that "personal attention" to make the job that much easier to get done properly.

According to Dave, "Being successful in this business not  just simply a matter of giving customers the right product at the right price, but you also have to be able to give them the right advice as well."


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