Rabbits Are Becoming More Popular As House Pets 

Dwarf Rabbits, such as the 6 week old ones being held by Linda Park, on the right, and Lisa Froemmel, are quickly becoming a popular choice among local residents when it comes to choosing a household pet. These little creatures grow to about 4 pounds and can be very adorable pets. They get along well with most other animals, such as cats and dogs. They have actually become more popular than guinea pigs.

The average life-span of a rabbit is between 5 to 8 years. Males mature after 6 – 10 months while females mature after 5 – 9 months. They can be sterilized after 4 months, but if you decide to breed rabbits, be ready for a new litter every couple of months. That is why most rabbit owners keep only one at home.

As for food, rabbits need fresh water every day and 80 grams of food for every kilogram of body weight. As long as you give them good quality food and don’t change their diet very often, they are very easy to care for. And, what is most appreciated by pet owners is that rabbits can easily be litter-trained.

Grooming of rabbits is relatively simple. It is a good idea to brush them daily to prevent hairballs. You should also supply them with appropriate chew toys to keep their teeth trimmed. Finally, you should make sure to cut their nails as required. They also love to play with toys.

“These little guys are so cuddly and will really respond to love and attention,” explained Lisa. “They are just like any other pet you might have. You get back what you put into them. If you love them and pay attention to them, they will respond to their name and make great pets.”

Dwarf rabbits sell for $30 at Pet Palace in the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre. Cages are available at a wide range of prices, from $69 to the “Cadillac of Cages” below which retails for about $249.


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