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Rob Cousins, owner of Sole Mates Family Footwear is pleased to announce that he has opened up a new 3600 square foot store at the Rainbow Centre in Downtown Sudbury.

Sole Mates Family Footwear now has two locations in the City of Greater Sudbury . The first store opened in the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre in the spring of 2003. The decision to expand to Downtown Sudbury was based on several factors.

“Our philosophy at Sole Mates Family Footwear is based on the fact that we want to establish a long-term relationship with each of our customers. We are not interested in a ‘one-time’ sale. We want our customers to come back to us on a continuous basis, so we give them personalized service and pay particular attention to their individual footwear needs,” explained Cousins. “During the first couple of years we noticed that a growing number of our regular customers were coming from Sudbury . Therefore, I began to look for available sites in Sudbury in order to provide a more convenient location for customers who lived outside of the communities of Valley East and Capreol.”

According to Cousins, the Rainbow Centre offered everything he was looking for in a second location. “The Rainbow Centre has become one of the most popular shopping centers in the City of Greater Sudbury . The management is committed to improving the shopping experience for customers of all ages and it’s overall image has been revitalized as a result of the opening of the Hart Department Store. This is an ideal location for the kind of service we provide to our own customers. The Rainbow Centre is right beside the Public Transit Terminal; it is in the middle of a high density downtown residential area; it is within walking distance of several hotels and motels; and it is in the heart of the downtown business district which contains thousands of office workers from the entire City of Greater Sudbury . On top of that, there is free parking for our customers and I was able to secure one of the prime locations within the Rainbow Centre.”

The initial response from the public since the opening of Sole Mates Family Footwear in the Rainbow Centre has been overwhelming. “Even I didn’t expect the immediate results we are receiving. Everybody we have spoken to is extremely impressed with the layout, the selection, the quality and most of all, the personal service. We will continue to go out of our way to completely satisfy the needs of every one of our customers. Whether you are visiting from out of town, or you are a life-long resident of the Greater Sudbury Area, you can rest assured that you will be given the special treatment you deserve at Sole Mates Family Footwear. That is our guarantee and it is something you can count on.”

For more information please contact Rob Cousins at (705) 969-7549 or (705) 675-7613. You can also visit our web site at


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