Thank You To All Children, Teachers and Schools For This Wonderful Tribute To Mothers and Grandmothers....

On behalf of the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all children and teachers from classes which contributed to our 'Tribute To Mothers & Grandmothers' this year. Dozens of beautiful cards were on display for Mother's Day and were seen by thousands of appreciative mothers from around the region.

Robert Kirwan
Marketing & Public Relations Director
Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre

As a token of our appreciation, we are pleased to provide the following to all participating schools:


Val and Violet Mazzuca, owners of the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre will be sponsoring a PIZZA PARTY for ONE of the participating classes at each school. The winning class will be selected by the school principal. "This was one of the most heartwarming displays we have ever had in the mall and we thank all of the children for their hard work."

See the Grade 3/4 Class at
Ecole Notre Dame
See the Grade 4/5 Class at
Redwood Acres

The Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre invited all of the teachers of elementary schools located in Valley East and Capreol to take part in a special tribute to Mothers and Grandmothers of the area.

Val and Violet Mazzuca, owners of the mall, offered each school a pizza party to be awarded to one of the participating classes of the school. They were asked to create a Mothers' Day card that could be put on display in the mall during the week prior to Mothers' Day.

The response was overwhelming. What follows are photos of the cards that were submitted by the classes. Everyone who has seen the display is absolutely moved by the expressions of love contained in the cards.

The display will be up until Mothers' Day, May 14, 2006. Make sure you drop in to look over the cards.








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