First Annual Antique Motor Display Generates Plenty of Interest Among Local Residents

Al Lockhart belongs to the Antique Outboard Motor Club Inc., which has more than 2600 members worldwide. He is also a member of the 250 strong Maple Leaf Chapter out of Toronto, which is a division of the AOMCI. He and the other six members who live in the Greater Sudbury Area all have a passion for collecting vintage outboards of all makes. In fact, Al has owned over 300 different outboard motors since he began his hobby. Many were just purchased for parts, but his personal collection numbers 40 right now, and he indicates that they all work.

He put ten of his outboard motors on display at the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre on May 6, 2006, and was overwhelmed by the response.

"People were stopping by all day long with questions and stories about outboard motors that they used while growing up," commented Al. "One person even asked me to come out to his car to identify an old motor that he had at home. So I went to the parking lot with him to look at the motor."

When asked why he began this hobby, Al explained, "I guess I've always loved boats and motors. I bought a few old motors and restored them, then as I went around to yard sales I just kept picking up vintage motors that other people wanted to get rid of. Since I want all of them to work, I had to look for parts and sometime I had to buy a whole motor just to get a part I needed to make one of my existing motors work."

Al is shown above with one of his favourites.

"This baby is a 1923 2 hp Johnson 'A' Light Twin outboard motor. It was the first year that Johnson made outboard motors and it still runs," he proudly pointed out. "When I drive this on the lake you can see a blue haze behind me. The fuel has a 16:1 mix ration with an above water exhaust. So as it chugs along, it simply creates a lot of smoke."

Al attends at least ten (10) Club meetings and events every year, plus many other boat and motor shows. "I love meeting people and talking to them about outboard motors. Whenever I go to a show or display I take along one or two motors to show."

Al is also a member of Fibre Glassics, an online organization dedicated to the finding and restoration of clssic fibreglass boats. He owns three himself.

"This is a very low cost hobby," he pointed out. "Some of these motors were picked up at yard sales for less than $100."

"The best thing I like about this hobby is that every single motor has a story to tell. And I love telling stories."

If you are interested in discussing one of your outboard motors or in joining the club, contact Al Lockhart at (705) 690-4580 or by email at


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