“Windows In Time” would like to congratulate Henri-Paul and Jeanette Boudreau for being people who made a huge difference in this community.  As you can see from the story below, they have been excellent role models, not only for their children, but also for everyone who has had the good fortune to share part of their lives.

Henri-Paul and Jeanette Boudreau met 51 years ago.  Jeanette came from New-Brunswick and Henri-Paul from Quebec .  Henri Paul came to work in Sudbury and Jeanette came to Sudbury to help out her sister and her children.  From the relocation to Sudbury they both met through some friends in Hanmer and the rest is history.  They wed on September 3, 1950 .  From this marriage they got 4 lovely children.  The oldest being Nicole followed by Yvon,  Michel and Carole.  Their family grew bigger with 2 sons-in-law, 2 daughter-in-laws and 6 grandchildren and just recently 2 great-grandchildren from their first grandson.

Jeannette and Henri-Paul lived all their lives in Hanmer.  Both were custodians at Ste-Anne's school in Hanmer.   They are both retired now and are enjoying life.  They love to travel, visit their children and most of all spending time which each other.  Their love has been transmitted to their children and their grandchildren.  We are very proud of our parents and cherish them to no end.  


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