“We Always Ended Up With A Rainbow” says Verna About Her 50 Years With Stan

Stan and Verna Martin, of Capreol, the couple on the left in the photo, celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary this summer by sharing their happiness with a community celebration. Hundreds of well-wishers joined in a variety of events during the weekend, culminating with the renewal of their wedding vows on June 26, 2005, followed by an afternoon social at Our Lady of Peace Church in Capreol. At one point on Saturday evening, someone told Verna that they had counted 104 people in the Martin’s back yard. 

Joining other friends and family members were Verna’s aunt and uncle, Tom and Audrey Kirwan, of Lively, shown on the right. The Kirwan’s celebrated their 56th wedding anniversary in September 2005.

Stan and Verna grew up in Capreol. Verna was one of the 11 children raised by Phil and Margaret Sawyer, so the Sawyer influence on the community was rather extensive. Stan, for example, served for 13 years on Town Council, for a time as Deputy Mayor, and was involved in numerous community organizations.

Martin’s Variety was started by Stan and Verna, and when Stan was transferred to work in Minnesota in 1979, it was taken over by the oldest daughter, Karen and her husband Tom Lennox. While they have only been back “home” for two years, Stan and Verna feel as welcome as if they never left. The Anniversary Weekend was proof positive that they are still as loved as ever by their family and friends.

 “There have been many ups and downs and challenges over the years,” claimed Verna. “We had five children in six years, so it wasn’t easy. But no matter how hard things got we always ended up with a rainbow.”

Verna went on to offer some advice to young couples today, “I always tell people, don’t complain or get upset about anything. It’s going to change and things will always get better. Whatever you do, don’t quit. And when your husband asks you to go out for breakfast or to go for a walk, drop everything you are doing and go. The other stuff can wait. The dishes will always be there when you get back, but you can never recover the time you have to spend with each other.”

The Martin’s have thirteen grandchildren ranging in age from 6 to 26 and according to Verna, “Each one is special. And when they come over I treasure every minute I am with them.”

Stan and Verna Martin may have been the focus of the weekend, but this turned out to be a celebration of the commitment that two people can have for each other and what their example means to an entire community.

While it is customary to “congratulate” Stan and Verna, it is more appropriate to say “Thank You” for showing us how to get the most out of life.


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