Louis and Lea Landry at their 50th wedding anniversary


Mr Louis Landry, a resident of Hanmer since 1900 and the former Lea Ouellette were wed at Bleazard Valley by Monsignor Cote in 1904. 

A Native of Cheneville Quebec, Mr Landry moved to Hanmer where he helped cut down trees to build the family homestead. 

He successfully operated his farm as his business. This photo of their 50th wedding Anniversary was taken in 1954, he was 80 and his wife was 79. 

They had six children Mrs Lorenza ( Patrick Ben ) Quesnel of Hanmer, Delphis Landry of Sturgeon Falls, Mrs Hectorine ( Vinney) Labelle of Sudbury, Mrs Florestine ( Elzear) Proulx of Hanmer and Ernestine ( twin with Florestine) passed away in her twenties and Samuel passed away around the age of ten. 

All the Landry girls were all school teachers at some time in their life.  


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