Sandra Willock, Chair of the Public Relations Committee for the Habitat For Humanity Sudbury District, indicated recently that the organization is now ready to build its second home and is in need of volunteers for a number of responsibilities.

HFH is an international, non-profit, ecumenical organization that raises money to build homes for families in need of improved living conditions.  Houses are sold at no profit, with no-interest mortgages that are re-paid over a 15 to 25 year period.  The house payments in turn provide money towards building other houses. The HFH relies heavily on volunteers for administration and the building of homes.  

Sandra announced, "We plan to build a home in Coniston this Spring, which will be the third home built by the Sudbury affiliate of the HFH."

A non-discriminatory family-selection committee invites applications from families, has public meetings wherein the application and selection processes are outlined, and then carefully and thoroughly screens each family-candidate. 


Sandra continued, "The Ackerland family was recently selected by our Family Selection Committee for a home to be built this Spring in Coniston.  Applications were invited through the Northern Life and the area’s Northern and Sudbury Credit Unions.  About 20 applications were submitted.  The 5 Committee Members put in long hours to provide an initial public orientation at the main Sudbury Library and thereafter reviewed all applications, both  independently, and then in triages. Home visits were conducted. In the end, the Ackerland family was deemed to be the only family that met all criteria requirements.  In addition to those requirements, the family appears to be hard-working, forthcoming, honest, sincere and quick to provide documentation.  Excellent references from employers, landlords, neighbours, etc. were submitted, as well as copies of the family’s financials.  The four children are respectful and in extra-curricular activities.  The family’s current home lacks heat, and has frost and mildew on the walls, to which the daughter is allergic. The family members are fully in agreement regarding sweat equity."

"Right now, we have 10 good-quality buildings to strip and salvage re-saleable materials, -- IF we can get enough volunteers to do the work," Sandra stated. "The HFH builds homes, holds mortgages, conducts family selection and does various forms of fund-raising.  We also wish to develop a student volunteer program as well as a campus chapter that can research & determine which underdeveloped country to support. Therefore, we need professional and retired people or students from all walks of life."

The HFH has identified three main priority volunteer needs at this time.


Volunteers are needed now in projects to salvage quality building materials for resale. You can strip donated buildings; drive workers to/from sites; move, haul, categorize, price and stock materials on shelves; or coordinate, schedule and track volunteers’ hours.


Training and scheduling begins in March for volunteers willing to assist in this Spring’s Coniston home construction. You may wish to be a building crew member; be a “go-for”; track hours; or coordinate, train, schedule workers; or drive workers to and from sites.


Volunteers are required for fund-raising projects.  Most are social events, such as BBQ’s.  You can assist in the development of new fundraising ideas.  Be a “go-for” or drive others. People are needed to plan, coordinate, schedule and conduct these events.

Types of Volunteer Positions:

- Lead Infrastructure planning

- Coordinate/schedule volunteers

- Train volunteers

- Salvage/move/stock materials

- Liaise media/build for family

- Develop youth initiatives

- Develop Orientation manuals

- Write Proposals for Infrastructure

- Make presentations

- Develop data bases

- Recruit/orientate volunteers

- Refine/Enhance existing website

- Organize media events

- Organize fundraising events

- Track volunteer hours/efforts

- Organize volunteer recognition



The Build 2005 Donor list:

City of Greater Sudbury                                             

Home Depot

Sudbury Window & Door Manufacturing               

Dixon Electric

Campeau Heating                                                    

United Rentals

Kent Trusses Limited                                               

Brown Concret

White Fish Portable Toilet &Waste Mg’t               

M.G.L Drafting

Paramount Construction                                          

Wm Day Construction

W.Glehs Masonry                                                      

Del Bosco Surveying

Roy s General Contracting                                       

McDowell Equipment

Tesc Contracting Company                                     

Harris Rebar

Alpha Floor System Inc.                                           

Seamless Eaves Trough

Wamco Waterwork Northern Inc.                            

Exploration Services

Gentek Building Products.                                       

Elizabeth Fry Foundation

Thanks to the generosity of the above donators of products and/or services & the many people who donated materials to the ReStore, as well as the customers who purchased materials at the Restore, the HFH is able to build a new home for the Ackerland Family.


“Please Call Dan at (705) 669-0624”
if you would like to help the
Habitat for Humanity


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