Kin Club of Valley East Holds Annual Fireworks Sale To Raise Funds For Community Projects

Manon and Scott Bolger stand outside the steel container which was used to hold the fireworks on sale by the Kin Club of Valley East for the Victoria Day Weekend. The club also sells fireworks for the Canada Day celebrations. Funds generated are then distributed by the Kin Club to local Food Banks and several other organizations in need of financial support. In addition to the fireworks sale, the Kin Club runs a Major Bingo on Friday nights and sponsors a Nevada at Richer’s Variety. The Kin Club operates out of the playground building in Blezard Valley where it is open Monday to Wednesday from 6:30 to 8:30 during the summer months to provide refreshments to the minor baseball players. The club house is also open whenever weekend tournaments are held at the fields.

Bob Bolger, one of the association directors sits on the National Board of Kin Canada and is responsible for the District of Northern Ontario. 

He and his wife, Mary-Lou Bolger, the incoming secretary of the Kin Club of Valley East, have been involved in the local group for over 20 years. “Serving the community’s greatest needs” has been the motto for the Kin Club of Valley East, which has been quietly working to improve the quality of life for so many residents for so many years. 

This is the first year that the Kin Club had a container to work from, and according to Manon and Scott, it was great to be in out of the cold wind. They have been doing the sale for approximately ten (10) years.

Fireworks for sale ranged from single items for less than $10 to the Party Kit which sold for $160.

The Kin Club not only appreciates the support from local residents who purchase the fireworks, but they also receive plenty of help from sponsors, such as:
bulletThe Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre
The Super Mall on Lasalle Blvd.
The Chelmsford Canadian Tire
Who all allow the Kin Club to use their property for the sale.
bulletSuperior Safety provides the fire extinguisher which has never been needed.
bulletPro North Transport provides the Trailer used in Sudbury
bulletValley View Trailer Sales provides the containers used at Chelmsford and in Valley East
bulletDream Catcher Fireworks is where the fireworks are purchased
bulletValley East Good Neighbours Food Bank which provides use of the van shown in the photo above.

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