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I’m Coming Home for Christmas….

I recently stumbled upon the Valley East Today website as I was surfing the net, longing for news from my home town.  It was here that I found articles and images of people that I would soon see again.  You see I was heading home for Christmas after 9 years!  Yes, I had been back a few times in the last nine years, but typically I would do so in May or June when the days were nice and warm but the nights were crisp and cool. 

I left Hanmer back in 1988 after completing my university degree at Laurentian University.  I had decided to move to Mississauga where I would begin my career path to become a Chartered Accountant.  Who knew that I would now live in Texas !

I was born and raised in Hanmer. (OK so technically since we don’t have any hospitals in Hanmer, I actually was born in a Sudbury hospital many years ago….)  My parents built a house just across from where the Ecole Secondaire Hanmer now stands.  Before then, the field was full of blueberries (or snow) and evergreens.  My mother was a teacher with the local separate school board and my father was really a Jack of all trades.  He had worked in various fields including as a union steward and a janitor at the Ecole Secondaire Hanmer.  We  later sold our house and moved to St-Jacques Street which runs behind the old "Chenier" store off of Cote Boulevard .

I have very fond memories of being raised here.   The roads in the summer were often graded and oil was poured on it to keep the dust to a minimum.  Oh and who remembers the days that we could actually taste the sulfur in the air (from the shorter Inco smoke stack) and hear the testing of the air raid sirens coming from the local army base!

Summers filled with jaunts to either the “Pit” or the Onwantin River to swim to our hearts content.  Don’t forget the YMCA swim lessons that occurred in Capreol every summer and/or the wonderful camping (minus the blood suckers) at Ella Lake .  The winters always  brought  us great cross country skying and snow mobile trails.

I remember a carefree time when no one worried about leaving their children to play outside.   Everyone knew everyone which at times was a pain (since they could also rat you out if you were seen doing anything wrong…) but for which today I am grateful.

I had the opportunity to return home for Christmas this year and what a blessing!  It was just like I had described to my fellow co-workers.  I explained that going to church on Christmas Eve is magical here because when the service is over, you usually walk outside to a soft falling snow.  That is exactly what happened!  It was wonderful to see everyone and to get reacquainted with people I had not seen for a long time.  I had the opportunity to show my daughter what winter is really all about and to take her sliding, to build forts and igloos and to participate in snow ball fights! 


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