Long-Time Hanmer Resident

I truly enjoy reading the small stories in your articles about people that have lived in Hanmer. They talk about all the fond memories and places they remember. 


Well, I also have very good memories about Hanmer, because I was born and raised here also and so were my grandparents ( Elzear Proulx & Florestine Landry) and my mother Leonne Proulx Raymond. 


And guess what I am still living here in Hanmer and I truly love this place. 


My daughter Natalie Raymond Marois also lives in Hanmer and this makes her the fourth generation being born and raised in Hanmer and still residing. 


I love hearing about the past, and when I read the story about Chantal Pellerin it was nice to here about her. I lived a few houses away from her on Notre-Dame Street , and I remember her as quiet little girl and she would love to follow her brothers. Iím glad she is doing fine and itís nice to know where she has been all these years. 


And I also read Wendy Bisson Petro article which was also interesting because it reminded me about the gravel roads, the old hardware store that burnt to the ground, captain cook, the bookmobile and especially the Hanmer mall with the main hall were the Royal bank was located. 


My mother was the first hired at the Royal Bank and worked there for many many years. Her name was Leonne Proulx Raymond and she was very well known at this bank. She past away of cancer in June 1984, but I still here people say good things about her, how she was truly respected by this community. I remember going to the bank at night with my sister after hours doing our homework while our mother did extra work for the Royal Bank, but it was truly for her loyal customers. 


And now after all these years my sister Carole Raymond Nadeau also works for the Royal Bank in Chelmsford , our mother would be so proud of her. 


I have so many fond memories about the past in Hanmer that I would need to write this in a book. I remember all the stories that my parents and grandparent told me about Hanmer right back to 1920ís. Itís so nice to hear about the past and the people that have lived through it; I hope we can hear more stories. 


Thanks Mr. Kirwan for giving this opportunity to write about my family and their past.


Monique Raymond Grenon

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