Lifeguards Are On Duty At Val Caron’s Kalmo Beach Seven Days A Week

For these three young ladies, being a lifeguard at Kalmo Beach in Val Caron is more than just a summer job. “It’s really a lot of fun. We get to meet thousands of different people and it makes us feel good knowing that we are helping others enjoy their summer,” explained Jamie-Lee Fleming, the veteran of the team. Jamie-Lee, shown in the middle of the photo, is a 21 year old Val Caron resident who is in her 3rd summer at the beach. She is entering her 3rd year in the Nursing Program at Laurentian University. On the left is Christine Lebeau, an 18 year old Val Caron resident who is in her 1st summer at the beach. Christine is going into her 2nd year of Neuro-biology at Laurentian University. Ashley Leblanc, on the right, is a 20 year old from Hanmer who is in her 2nd year at the beach. Ashley is going into her 3rd year of Bio-Medical Biology at Laurentian University. One other full time lifeguard, Lee-Anne Menard, an 18 year old Hanmer girl who will be entering the Paramedic program at Collage Boreal, and Amanda Kirkpatrick, a 20 year old from Hanmer who is entering the 2nd year of the Nursing program at Cambrian round out the five person team.

The beach will be supervised from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. seven days of the week from June 25 until the last week of August. There will be at least two lifeguards at the beach at all times. Each morning at 10:30 they do a “bottom check” to make sure that there is no glass or other dangerous debris in the swimming area. They also rake the ground area looking for objects that may cause injuries. Once people begin coming to the beach, the girls take their responsibilities seriously as they diligently supervise the area and make sure that swimmers are acting appropriately and safely in the water.

The girls wished to remind people to bring lots of sunscreen to the beach and also bring along plenty of water to drink. In addition, they want parents to remember that lifeguards are not babysitters. It is important for parents to watch their own children constantly. For children under the age of seven, it is advised that you never allow your child to get out of arm’s reach.

“We take our jobs very seriously,” explained Jamie-Lee. “We get very upset when people behave in a manner which endangers others or when they “fake” being in trouble. The safety of children and other swimmers is no joking matter. We want everyone to come out and have good, safe fun.”

While there is no canteen open on the site, there are change rooms and the lifeguards have access to a phone in case of emergencies.


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